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Stunting Soldiers 0.45 Serverupdate

This is just a server update for Stunting Soldiers 0.4. If you dont have Stunting Soldiers 0.4, download it before downloading this update. Do not Download this update if you are not planning to download Stuntint Soldiers 0.4.

If anyone has any comments and/or problems with or about this mod then go to:

If you have any ideas or you want to contribute things to future versions of Stunting Soldiers then also go to:

Thanks for Downloading STUNTING SOLDIERS MOD FOR BF2.



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* BF2 game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors.

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No entity may make monetary charges for the distribution or usage of the SS, except MINOR COSTS for distribution medium.
You are not authorized to use or modify any part of this Mod without the
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* I am not responsable for any harm caused to your computer by this file.

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