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21st Century Warfare Mod - Full Client v3.4.0

Changelog 3.4.0

  • Fixed the end of round statistics for correct stats
  • Fixed the commander menu when the mouse is in the lower part of the map
  • Removed the sound when not spotting anything
  • Added the desert eagles to the "other armies" pickup kits (EU/CH/MEC)
  • The SpecOps kit got the regular c4 back. Dynamite moved to 5.
  • Tracked APCs recieved a 10kph speed boost.
  • APC ROF reduced.
  • Implemented Squad leader medic pickup kit w/ Assault class's rifle.
  • Added Dogbite's models & textures for the new kit.
  • Tweaked the DistancetoStartLoseDamage for several rifles, increased some, decreased others.
  • Tweaked the DistancetoMinDamage for several rifles.
  • Tweaked MinDamage for Silenced Spec-Ops & Support kits.
  • Changed the Engineer Unlock kit Main weapon.
  • Engineer kit loses the C4 get's claymore back.
  • Added kill messages for new weapons.
  • Implemented phase 1 of planned kit selection image revamp.
  • Tweaked the level flight speed of the Hippo
  • Tweaked the level flight speed of the Hippo
  • Implemented step 1 of kit selection screen graphic overhaul. Removed all current Red text.
  • Increased the TTL of the mobile arty gun projectile so you can do ballistic shots

Changelog 3.3.0

  • xb385 made an nice destroyable target object for practice maps (StaticObjects/21cw/tragetobject)
  • Removed the already disabled "SCAN" button in the commander menu
  • Readded commander spotting but limited it to "fully zoomed in mode" only (he must see the enemy)
  • Fixed the misaligned icons in the commander menu
  • Started creating ingame spotting for mines (message only at the moment, no minimap icon)
  • Replaced the PKM & M240 as the standard weapon w/ the m240 & RPK.
  • Used the minimi for the US & EU because got some wierd issues with the uslmg_m249saw in earlier testing.
  • Added "heavy" for Assault variants and "light" for Medic variants to the names of the M16 and AK101
  • Readded the elevations display for the mobile arty which got removed sometime accidently in the past
  • Reverted the medic and supply bags back to vanilla behavior
  • Removed unneeded AF/EF files
  • Lots of new/updated textures (Dogbite/Terran)
  • All the pickup kits got a deserteagle as their pistol

Changelog 3.2.0

  • cut back the helos AP rounds explosion damage radius and direct damage
  • fixed the camera views on the attack choppers guns
  • removed all OPT content from the mod as it seemed to cause the CTD issues
  • reverted all kits back to the 2.5.4 versions
  • increased MBT HEAT loadout from 10 to 20.
  • decreased the power of the Medic rifle slightly in comparision to the Assault rifle.
  • brought the tracked APCs into balance with their wheeled companions.
  • fixed the 3D map icons for C4, claymores and mines

Changelog 3.1.0

  • reverted everything back to 2.6.4
  • added colorized messages
  • some minor HUD fixes
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