BF2 Modbuilder 1.2

ModBuilder Includes a Weapon Editor, Armament Editor, Vehicle Editor and Kit Editor along with customizable addons and advanced tools such as editing the source and editing skins.

Battlefield 2 ModBuilder lets you make your own mod in minutes, totally free!


ModBuilder Beta v1.2.2 by Deleted_screen
Including: Check ListFiles - Mine.txt


ModBuilder is the software for making Battlefield 2 tweaking easy, faster and more efficient.


  • You MAY redistribute this software, but ONLY as freeware and when including an unmodified copy of this Readme.
  • Do NOT claim this software for your own, it's made by me, Deleted_screen, and you just have to accept that.
  • If you redistribute this software, you may include an URL to your website or a second Readme with download links.
  • If you find any of my software Hacked, Sold or containing Malicious Software, Please contact me.
  • By using this software you hereby accept this License.
  • You MAY distribute your own addons, mods and configs made to/with this software.
  • You may not remove the intro video in the mod unless i give you approval. You can ask for approval at


  1. Install ModBuilder.
  2. Run Battlefield 2 ModBuilder. Shortcut should be on desktop.
  3. click "New Mod", enter your mods name and click create mod.
  4. Click on Import from BF2 on the main menu.
  5. Mod some stuff.
  6. Go to Main Menu > Pack
  7. Click on Manage/Import Maps from the Main Menu and add a map.
  8. Open ModJive ( if you don't have it) and launch the mod from there.


/color - Shows my color window.
/nolog - Turns logging off. Only logs at Unhandeled Exceptions.
/copy - Copies the last log to the clipboard.
/noclose - The init window will not be closed automatically. (To debug the initalize.)
/admin - This makes modbuilder not checking for administration rights.
/advanced - This turns on AdvancedMode, which has more functions.


BETA 1.2.2 - Second Public Release
Moved logs to My Documents\ModBuilder\Battlefield 2\Logs
Refreshed interface
Disabled some mods to load
Built in zip functions (No more WinRAR needed)
* Made advanced mode, so it'll be easier for newcomers to use ModBuilder.

BETA 1.0.4 - First Public release.
Fixed Vista problems.
Remade Addon Importer
* Added Advanced Addons & Advanced Tools


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