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P-51D und Bf109e für Modder, Mapper und Bastler

Here is a couple of old World War 2 relics i built for my personal BF2 mod, offered for free use by the BF2 community. You can rename, repaint or recode them as you wish - just please give me a credit for the original works if you include them in a mod or map. (They are currently configured to run in AIX)

*\* IMPORTANT ** - There is two versions of these aircraft, one download set is marked 'German' and the other is marked 'Historic' - The German set has no Hakenkreuz (swastika) on the tail fin, whereas the Historic version does have it. It is the responsibility of the downloader/user to ensure that they download and use the correct set, in accordance with the laws of their country. Both sets are identical apart from this one detail.


Meshes and textures are copyright (c)2009 Clive Williams.
Various included script/code technologies are owned by DICE and/or Electronic Arts.


Included Aircraft:

Messerschmitt Bf-109E 'Emil'
Spawner name: AIX_Bf109E
Armed with a single 250kg bomb, 4x MGs
Texture Schemes: Splinter/Mottle combination, typical of the Battle of Britain period

North-American P-51D 'Mustang'
Spawner name: AIX_P51D
Armed with 8x 5-inch FFAR rockets, 6x MGs (harmonised)
Texture Schemes: Four textures with various graphics and 'Invasion Stripes' on natural metal. (named Woodland, Desert and Forest, plus the default scheme)


Pros and Cons of the aircraft:
Because of its cowl-mounted guns, the Bf-109 (in the hands of bots) scores more kills in the air-to-air arena, but the P-51D is handier in the tankbusting role because of the rocket salvo.

Both planes have a very short-lived War Emergency Power (over-boost) sprint setting, although in real life this did not appear on the Bf-109 until the F series, and wasn't properly usable until the Me-109G series (due to piston burn-out)

The Zero-rails (rocket mountings) on the P-51 are a separate bundle to the main mesh and can be removed in the .con file if desired.

The P-51D uses the engine sound from the AIX Beriev Be-12 seaplane, both planes use AIX gun sounds, and I would like to thank me for giving me permission to use them (mainly because i couldn't find a decent matching P-51 engine sound set elsewhere that would suit)

There's bound to be a flaw or two, and both of these aircraft are a couple of years apart and unlikely to have met often in combat. Try not to take them too seriously, they were just made for a bit of fun.

Yes, the P-51D graphics are me poking fun at an old ex-girlfriend of mine. Yes, she was a blood-leeching gutter whore. No, i didn't recently go through a breakup or divorce.

Before you begin:

  • Smart modders always backup files before modifying them.
  • These aircraft are unsupported, are supplied as-is, and are used entirely at the user's own risk.
  • If you break your PC or lose data as a result of using these aircraft, then it's in accordance with the prophecy.
  • These aircraft may or may not work correctly in an online environment. If they do not, then it's in accordance with the prophecy.
  • Use of these aircraft assumes the user has a moderate to advanced knowledge of BF2 modification - If you do not have sufficient knowledge to install, use, and modify these aircraft, either research the info yourself or do not use the aircraft. I'm not your mother - do not email or PM me asking for help because you are a sloth and can't be bothered looking for the answer yourself. (If however you want assistance with an issue of an advanced nature, I will help if possible)


Basic Installation Instructions:

  1. After unzipping the downloaded file, you should find one folder called AIX_Bf109E_P51D which contains three files, called:

  1. Drag this AIX_Bf109E_P51D folder into the main folder of the mod you want to use the planes in, i.e. \mods\AIX2\

  2. Copy and paste the line below at the top of the ServerArchives.con file (found in your mod's folder)

fileManager.mountArchive AIX_Bf109E_P51D\ Objects

  1. Copy and paste the two lines below at the top of the ClientArchives.con file (found in your mod's folder)

fileManager.mountArchive AIX_Bf109E_P51D\ Objects
fileManager.mountArchive AIX_Bf109E_P51D\ Menu

  1. To make a plane replace an existing plane in a map, edit the map's GameplayObjects.con for the game mode
    you want, and replace the existing aircraft spawner name with either AIX_Bf109E (for the Messerschmitt) or AIX_P51D (for the Mustang)


ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 AIX_Mirage_III

is changed to:

ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 AIX_Bf109E

...and re-zip the map's as per usual. When you next play the chosen map/gamemode, a Messerschmitt will appear where the Mirage once was.More info on this procedure can be found at the BFSP Forums:


Known issues:

These aircraft have an AI setting which supposedly allows them to go true vertical on the pitch axis (but not on the roll axis) - so far i have seen little evidence that they use it, but if for some reason your planes are behaving whacko, that's the first place I'd look. One of their files contains the original setting remmed out so you can revert if necessary.

Both aircraft have infinite numbers of reloads, to bring them into line with bot's auto-rearming capabilities. Either accept it or change it to something more realistic, but don't whine to me about how i spoilt your favourite plane.

To minimise the obvious difference in timeframe between BF2 native and these WW2 aircraft, i recommend disabling or deleting any helicopter spawners on the chosen map. It just looks so wrong having these alongside helicopters.

These are old piston-powered aircraft, and take longer to accelerate and take off than the jets most of you are used to.

Bots will often crowd each other when chasing the same enemy, just like they do in any other BF2 aircraft. They can air-kill by guns only, which means each chaser will be trying to get into the same position to open fire. If you put 10 of these per side into a map, expect a lot of teamkills and accidents.


If these aircraft are to be compiled into any distributed mod, please let me know for courtesy's sake.
If these aircraft are compiled into any distributed mod, they in no way becomes exclusive property of that mod - everyone else is still allowed to freely use the public version. (But of course that mod team can lay claim to any work and modifications they do to the aircraft themselves)
No matter how much extra stuff you add onto these planes, you didn't make them - I did. There is no magical point where they suddenly become your creation.
I reserve the right to update these planes as i see fit. I reserve the right to never update them again. I reserve the right to dip them in cheese and nail them to a tree if i so desire.
No fee is to be charged for these aircraft except for reasonable charges to cover downloading or media expenses where applicable.


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