Real Combat - Server Beta 0.2

The latest version of Real Combat is now available to download. There hace been lots of changes and lots of tests.
This is the list of changes:

Removed Titan gamemode.
Changed conquest gamemode to supply lines.
Vehicle respawn times increased. FAV and static defences needs 3 minutes. Tanks and APCs needs 8 minutes and airships require 15 minutes.
Added vehicles driver position to APCs and EU Tiger main battle tank.
Added SABOT & HEAT proyectiles to main battle tanks.
APC grenade launcher fires in automatic mode. Removed on EU APC.
Removed EU APC greande launcher and PAC APC turret machinegun.
Reduced number of carried mines.
Smoke grenade lasts 90 seconds. Added smoke grenades to squad leaders.
Attack gunships rocket's damage and splash increased.
Attack gunships now have air to air missiles.
PAC gunship rockets replaced to miniguns. MAginegun replaced to grenade launcher.
Orbital strike changed to a powerfull artillery barrage.
EMP strike changed to a MLRS-like missile attack.
Artillery needs 20 minutes to reload. Missile need 30 minutes.
Fast attack vehicles now have 2 rear passengers positions.
Added an ammo replenish box to FAVs. APC rear replenish ammo too.
Commander assets does'nt autorepairs.
Tweaked some kits unlocks.
Fixed some huds and menus.
We hope that all you like the new version.
Have fun!

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