Alamain Aces FH2

Alamain Aces for FH2

Author: aussie jeff (aj51)

Total air combat for FH2 fans!

FH2 Alamein Aces - Date of creation 3 Sep 2008 - by aj51
fixed : 13 Sep 2008


  • All aerial combat map. No ground AFV's etc (ammo trucks that re-arm A/C can be shot up!)

  • All new main "desert airstrip" layouts to cope with the far greater mass of aircraft.

  • Non-collision air-cap points (no ground capture points on map!).

  • Optional aircraft tweaks by me (more realistic max airspeeds, better throttle response). These will be loaded automatically as alternative objects through the additional file I have provided - but only if you first temporarily rename the mods/fh2/ file to something like objects_vehicles_server_original.

*\* WARNING - If you DO follow the above instructions and use my TweakedAircraft settings, after finishing playing this map, DON'T FORGET to RENAME "" in your mods/fh2/ folder back to "" if you wish to play any other FH2 maps!!! **

  • AI pilots (in my alternative TweakedAircraft file) have been adjusted to help reduce collisions (which will still occur, but with reduced frequency!) and the AI turn radius adjusted for more realism (no more turning on a sixpence by bots).

  • This map requires the original FH2 El Alamein map to be installed in order for it to load correctly.


Extract the Alamein file to your Battlefield 2/mods/fh2/levels folder. Once extracted, the Alamein Aces map should now show up in your menu when you next load FH2.

Recommended Co-op gameplay settings -

Due to the limitations of bots flying abilities (they tend to fly lazy eights a lot of the time) and to keep framerates reasonably smooth, I suggest you try a max of 30 bots in co-op play first. If your system can handle more, the action becomes pretty insane with about 50!

As usual, big credits to the FH2 Development Team for having the talent and devotion to create the FH2 mod in the first place!!
Happy hunting,

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Veröffentlicht 24.09.2008
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