DC Global Front 0.2D Beta - Part 1

You will need the following to play DC Global Front:

A CLEAN install of Battlefield 1942 v. 1.61 & Desert Combat v. 0.7. After you have installed DC 0.7 you have to install DC Global Front 0.2D!

*\* 0.2D change list **
*\* By Marshall Nord (unless otherwise noted) ***----------------* Fixed invisible AAVP7 hull
Fixed AI coding for new SU-25's
Fixed Caspain Iran soldier language files (to Farsi)
Fixed damage system: small arms vs. rear armor of Tanks, IFV's & APC's
Fixed F-22 camera rotation
Fixed F-22 missile tip visible in engine intake
Fixed "out of level" bug for bomber kit planes (added destructor projectile)
Fixed env map issue with Ural375 windshield
Fixed rotor blur texture for Mi24, Mi8 & MH53 (correct number of blades)
Fixed missing collision mesh in gf_ahouse01_m1
Fixed missing radar pings for cluster AAA guns in DCGF Caspian Showdown & DCGF Gyzbat Pass
Fixed missing mesh in gf_pumphouse_m1
* Fixed pilot/aviator helmet offsets----------------* Added new ammo icons for various land vehicles (by ZeroSen)
Added AAVP7 periscope ports to passenger positions
Added DirtBike (WDW port; revised by Apache Thunder)
Added UK Soldier
Added UK Soldier kits
Added UK spawn menu icons
Added UK webbing (DCX port)
Added UK helmet (DCX port; revised UV mapping)
Added L82A1 (DCX port; renamed to L82A2 in lexiconAll.dat)
Added L82A1carbine (DCX port; renamed to L22A2 in lexiconAll.dat)
Added LSW (DCX port)
Added L108A1 (UK FN Minimi, modified WDW Minimi mesh)
Added UK Backpack01 (modified British backpack from vanilla 42 mesh)
Added UK Multicam soldier skins
Added missing AI armament plugin for HMMWV TOW
Added close-defense M240 to HMMVW TOW
Added missing steeringinfo net code for BTR60 & Strykers
Added Iranian F14 (DC port)
Added SR-25 (WDW port)
Added L129A1
Added Arab Insurgent Soldier
Added Arab Insurgent kits
Added Warrior IFV (DCX Port)
Added Landrover (DCX Port)
Added iranruin01
Added iranruin02
Added iranruin03
Added iranruin06
Added iranruin07
Added gf_rockface01_m1
Added gf_walled_yard
Added gf_SAhouse5_m1
Added gf_rubble11_m1
Added gf_cblocks01
Added 8-slot weapon selection menu (by Apache Thunder)
Added MBT-LAW handweapon (modeled and skinned by ChadaFACE)
Added IED1 handweapon (IED = barrel object)
Added IED2 handweapon (IED = crate object)
Added IED3 handweapon (IED = stone object)
Added Stationary_DSHK_T stationary weapon (DSHK on Tripod)
Added animation for soldier firing tripod MG
Added shadow mesh to AH64
Added gf_portcont1_m1 thru gf_portcont4_m1 to replace vanilla repport_box1_m1
Added gf_ahouse_m1
Added AK47LT handweapon (light-colored, worn textures)
Added missile timer to Safir-74M
Added missile timer to Ababil-4 UAV
Added G3 weapon icon
Added Mi24e shadow mesh
Added Ababil-4 launcher skin
Added Ababil-4 icons
Added more passenger positions to Stryker_ICV
Added Menu & Load music from BF1942 collection
Added skin & collision mesh to playground equipment
Added KnifeBlue handweapon to replace KnifeAllies (used as IED detonator)
Added "ragdoll" animations (by Apache Thunder)
Added Turkmen Pilot skin (Cristhian)
Added dynamic shadows to IED objects.
Added DCX British voice files
Added HelicopterSupplyWeapon (Apache Thunder)
Added thumbnail to DCGF Gyzbat Pass
Added supply depot minimap icon
Added thumbnail to Gyzbat Pass
Added ELCAN sight model & texture to Colt C7 (ChadaFACE)
Added gf_landrep01_m1
Added new shortcut icon (DevilDog)
Added animation support for map-specific weapons
Added new eye textures to Mex and Venz soldiers (Cristhian)
Added F22 skin into build (Cristhian)
Added Turkmen digital camo into build (Cristhian)
Added Turkmen pilot skin into build (Cristhian)
Added Turkbody mesh (revised usbody mesh)
Added custom G3 sounds (Cristhian)
Added M24 sounds (Cristhian)
Added new universal healing icon (DevilDog)
Added more CAN Soldier kits (sgtjake)
Added HMMWV_MK19 driver/gunner vehicle
Added Narco Soldier
Added Narco_Face1...Face2 & ...Face3 mesh4es
Added Narco Soldier skins (Cristhian)
Added custom M24 deploy animations (HJGF)
Added UN skin for Mi8 (sgtjake)
Added Glock (WDW port)
Added Kaibil Soldier
Added Kaibil Kits
Added Kaibilbody mesh (revised usbody mesh)
Added Kaibil_Face1...Face2 & ...Face3 meshes
Added Congolese Soldier
Added Congolese kits
Added Mex_F5
Added Mex_UrbanSoldier (masked face)
Added Mex_Urban1Face...2Face...3Face & Mex_UrbanHead meshes
Added Chinook (DCX Port)
Added Canadian Chinook Skin (sgtjake)
Added Canadian Huey Skin (sgtjake)
Added Canadian LAV25 Skin (sgtjake)
Added F16C (PAF with conformal fuel tanks) skin & modified mesh (ChadaFACE)
Added new tropical trees & bushes
Added Mexican BTR60 digicam (Cristhian)
Added Mexican HMMWV digican (Cristhian)
Added new F22 sounds (Cristhian)
Added 9 random US heads
Added G3 without scope
AddedIran_Assault_G3 kit
Added Galil rifle (WDW port)
Added pilot/aviator kits into maps
Added G3S L1 model/textures
Added Gerdbat_bot vehicle to eliminate AI clustering at spawn point (MSR Orlando)
Added new background video (Cristhian)
* Added load screen for Narco Hunt (Cristhian)* Added DCGF Crush Em (GF port of Battle of the Bulge)
- Load screen by Apache Thunder
- Thumbnail by sgtjake
Added DCGF MOUT (GF port of DC Gauntlet)
Added DCGF Narco Hunt (GF port of DC Basrah Nights)
- Signs/posters by Cristhian
Added DCGF Canada (GF port of Kursk, used as faction motor pool)
* Added DCGF Mexico (GF port of Kursk, used as faction motor pool)----------------* Revised Phalanx ADA seat height (lowered)
Revised Phalanx ADA lowest elevation (raised slightly)
Revised "slow down" material (wet grass) from 1.0 to 0.75
Revised GDF kit geometries
Revised LoD distances for helicopters (to keep rotors visible at longer distances)
Revised rocket AI code for F-5H
Revised Mig-29 & Mig-29I missiles AI coding
Revised camera for DCX SCUD-B (removed pan coding)
Revised Healthbar icon for all soldier kits
Revised damage system
Revised turret rotation speed for EE-9
Revised KnifeAllies into IED detonator (IED1,2,3 detonator = cell phone)
- Animations by HJGF Revised ammo coding (by Raven)
- Changed ammotype on all vehicles
Revised ammobox object (now three different, for different ammo loads)
- ammobox=mall arms
- gf_ammocrate_ge=grenades/explosive/AP mines
- gf_ammocrate_at=rocket/at weapons/AT mines Revised Mexican Rifleman kit (changed M-16A3 to G3)
Revised collision meshes for MV-22 Osprey
Revised MV-22 Osprey UV mapping
Revised MV-22 Osprey sounds
Revised MV-22 Osprey mesh (removed CV-22 features)
Revised AI for Bold Thrust
Revised AK103 model (added muzzle brake - ChadaFACE)
Revised Colt C7 model & coding (ChadaFACE)
Revised airrep1_m1 textures
Revised G3 skin (Cristhian)
Revised Mexican Spanish (Cristhian)
Revised Venezuelan Spanish (Cristhian)
Revised M1 Abrams cannon sound (Cristhian)
Revised UV mapping for GerBody mesh
Revised UV mapping for USbody mesh
Revised UV mapping for Britbody mesh
Revised BRDM_Spandrel exit height
Revised BRDM skin(s)
Revised G3 skin (Cristhian)
Revised Mexican BTR60 skin (Cristhian)
Revised black glove hand textures (Cristhian)
Revised G3 scope texture
Revised Hellfire effect to fix collision mesh bug (Bold Thrust, AT2)
Revised front sight mesh for G3
* Revied AI for anti-aircraft vehicles* Revised DCGF Ammo Bunkers (Ammo Depot)
- Added Venezuelan Ammo Resupply Truck
- Renamed DCGF Ammo Depot Revised DCGF MSR Orlando
- Fixed Coop CTD on dedicated server
- Revised statics
- Revised AI
Revised DCGF Desert Scimitar
- Fixed Coop CTD on dedicated server
- Revised staticobjects
- Revised heightmap
- Added terrainlightmaps
- Added objectlightmaps
- Added new ammoboxes
- Revised AI Revised DCGF Caspian Showdown
- Removed controls for moving sea rigs
Revised DCGF Motor Pool
- Added new vehicles
- Added UK and Arab Insurgent kits* Revised DCGF Bunker Complex
- Revised AI
- Added more bunkers

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