Alpha Project v0.2 - Client Full

Developer/Contributor Credits:

Xeqtr, TrueSpirit, Nick, EzPiKnZ, BFRHYS, Hjid, M.Combat, Skullterror, Apache Thunder, Dtneter, Cvrelebrate, A-10Freak, Dodek, Likon, Cassio, Spartan, JONES

(let me know if we missed someone, detailed credits are included in the downloads credits.txt)


  • weapon sway effect
  • droping handweapons and helmets
  • dynamic objects (ragdoll barrels and crates)
  • visible hands on steering wheels and stationary weapons
  • new high quality textures
  • divided city bf2 alpha map
  • zatar wetlands overhaul
  • strike at karkand sandstorm
  • new minimap with gid overlay
  • simrad target designator
  • laser guided missiles
  • new weapon, distant and enviroment sounds
  • overworked more realistic weapon properties
  • higher weapon damage (between arcade and realism)
  • tank dust blast effect
  • muzzle ground dust effect
  • uh-60 with hydra pods
  • mi-17 with hydra pods
  • civilian vehicles
  • fully integrated weapon/class customization system with kit remember function
  • 3d ironsights for all weapons
  • 3d scope zoom shaders for scoped/magnified weapons
  • new ragdoll enhancement project tweaks for soldier physics
  • vehicle missiles and bombs can now destroy bridges
  • updated weapon, explosion and distand soundeffects
  • working ironsight switch for mounted machineguns
  • new engine and distancesounds for jets and helicopters
  • various new weapon animations and 3d sights
  • new cockpit camera position and hud for some jets and most armored vehicles
  • added antiair missiles to attack choppers
  • new armored apcs, mobile self-propelled artillery and light observation helicopters
  • placeable tripod hmgs and grenadelaunchers (only offline supported in this version)
  • stationary tripod hmgs and grenadelaunchers

Special Weapons, Pickup Kits
You can find the special weapons pickup kits at map predefined locations, like
on the maps mainbase. There are also hidden pickupkits on some maps!

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