Desert Combat Xtended 0.9 FULL CLIENT

These are the simple highlights of what DC_Extended adds to Desert Combat:

Homing missles
A brand new army. The British which includes many new vehicles the Avro Arrow... Try and take Zeuser on in that one.
68+ playable maps most supporting all mods of play. CQ,Coop,CTF,TDM and of course SP
new and better BOTs
Many hidden surprises out their for you to play with and find. ?
Player guided SCUD missile
SAM sites
Mobile SAM Vehicles
Parachuting Desert Patrol Vehicles
More guns on Blackhawk
Ural ammo supply truck. Also lays minefields.
Destroyer launches guided Tomahawks and gets a helipad with a Seahawk
Seahawk has defensive flares and drops guided torpedoes
Phalanx guns on ships
Ural tanker "suicide" bomb
Artillery modifications to prevent "stealing" by other players
Sub fires Guided Tomahawk and Guided Torpedoes and carries Navy seals
The British Army, Navy & Airforce
The Candian Airforce and Army Infantry ...and many many many more...y
Changes done versions 0.9:

tweaked damage system
upgraded homing missles to generation 3 (from generation 1)
New Apache Longbow model and variants
Modular Humvee model and Variants (Truck, 50 cal, MK19, Gatling Gun, Bushmaster, Avenger, Medic, Commander)
Added AH1 Cobra Helicopter variants (AH64A, AH64G, AH65H)
Added M1A2 with working Mineplow
Added MP5SD CQB rifle
Added Modular UAZ and variants (Medic, 50 Cal, AGS-30, kornet)
Added Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier and varients
Added mi28 Assault Helicopter
Added KA25 Naval Helicopter
Added T90 with working Mineplow
Added OSV Iraqi Heavy Assault Rifle
Added British Light Armour Alvis Scorpian
Added 3 New maps (King of the Hill, Refinery, Stronghold)

Added the British army
Upgraded damage system
Self guided (HOMING) missiles on some vehicles. These are not player guided missiles; these missiles guide themselves to the target. They use a fairly simple form of Newtonian physics for guidance. These are not heat seeking or radar lock missiles.
New theme system for British army

New Ural truck variant that can drop fixed emplacement Howitzer artillery guns.
Improved Harrier variants. New has better hovering ability and high-speed handling. New variant carries Harpoon anti-ship missiles
Pantsyr improvement. Now has anti-air guns and can engage targets on the ground.
Mig-29 OVT. A new variant of the Mig-29 Fulcrum, which has 3 dimensional, thrust vectoring engine nozzles for improved low and high-speed handling.

Track Rapier mobile anti-air vehicle
Fixed emplacement Rapier SAM site
Challenger main battle tank
Warrior APC
Landrovers, 4 different variations with different abilities
Lynx attack helicopter
Lynx anti-ship helicopter
Chinook transport helicopter
Avro Arrow.
Buccaneer airplane
Tornado ADV air superiority airplane
Tornado GR3 ground attack airplane
Jaguar ground attack airplane with 3 different weapons loads
Mig-25 Interceptor airplane
Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) to spot targets for artillery
DDG destroyer
Type 42 destroyer
Akula attack submarine
Los Angeles class SSN-688i attack submarine
Trafalgar attack submarine
Fast Patrol Boat. 2 variations. One with anti-submarine capabilities, the other has floating mine-laying capabilities
Shersen torpedo boat
Special Operations Craft Mark V (SOC MKV) speedboat
Zodiac small inflatable boat
Fixed emplacement 40mm Bofors twin barrel anti-aircraft gun
Fixed emplacement 20mm twin barrel oerlikon gun
Fixed emplacement twin barrel .50 cal browning machine gun
Fixed emplacement twin barrel NSVT machine gun

L96 Sniper rifle
L85 Assault rifle
L86 Assault rifle
GPMG heavy machine gun
BHP pistol
PSG-1 Sniper rifle
Javelin anti-aircraft handheld missile launcher
Milan anti-tank handheld missile launcher
And, of course, some suprises......

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