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Battlecraft Vietnam 1.2 | Mapeditor

1.2 Changelog

Changed mouse-over routines in BCV to be more accurate

Added tunnel code and tunnel properties dialog for BFV 1.2

Added new object tab system

Added graphical icons to entity tree

Added new objects

Tweaked Camera On Ground code to be more at player eye view to feel more like walking around the level

Added code to generate in-game map for underground

Many other various tweeks

Calling all BF2 Mod Team Leaders

Over the last couple of months, EA and DICE have seen several mod teams declare their intent to develop content for the Battlefield 2 engine. Some of these teams come from successful Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam teams and others are starting fresh. Well, whether your team is on .45 of its Battlefield 1942 mod, or have never touched the current Mod Development Toolkit, EA and DICE want to get to know your team and your big plans for BF2.

By providing this information, you will help us understand your strengths (and where we might be able to provide support) and also help us promote your mods down the road as they near release. As you've seen, we love to talk about successful Mod Teams in this space, and we will be doing even more of this for Battlefield 2.

Here's what we would like to know. Please provide as much detail as you feel is necessary. Note: Even if you have been in contact with someone at EA or DICE previously (or talk with one of us every day), we would appreciate it if you provided this information to us, anyway.

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