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Mod Development Toolkit 2.75

Electronic Arts is happy to be able to announce the release of the MDT 2.75. With this package come several new tools to make your modding life a little easier and Tutorials created by Lawrence Brown, Battlefield's own Mod Support Coordinator. See below for a small blurb on each tool.

Mod Installer Creator:
No need to track down a programmer anymore just to make an installer. No more having to explain to people where to extract zip files. Just use the provided installer creator and you?re ready to go.

Mod Optimizer:
Before you make that final install to release to the public, use this handy little application to find all unused textures and sounds you may have floating around in your mod folders. You then have the option of just generating a list or actually deleting them from the mod. This tool can make a huge difference in the file size of your release, so we highly recommend it.

Object Generator:
Useful as a starting point for new vehicles and weapons, this tool makes a duplicate of the object you select and renames all relevant lines of code within the files. You will still have to add the finishing touches, but this gets rid of a bunch of drudge work, allowing you to focus on the creative aspect of your vehicles.

Lexicon File Converter:
Most of the text used in the game is stored in the "lexiconAll.dat" file. This tool converts the file into a standard text format that you can then edit with Wordpad (or other preferred text editor). When you?re done making changes, the tool converts the file back to it?s original format and you?re ready to rock.

Font Maker:
This is a simple utility that will allow you to alter the in-game fonts to your heart's content.

You can get the new version of the MDT by clicking on the link below!

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