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After a lot of work and some stressful testing we the TotalBF2 Map Team put together this mappack for the public to have. We will be hosting a TotalBF2 Custom Map server which you can play these maps at. The IP is Hope you will come join us to play these maps. Now for the maps that are in the pack.

Wake Island

Wake Island was an original Battlefield 1942 Map. In Wake Island for BF2 you will feel like your immersed in a battle of strength and wits as you try to either attack or defend the island. Also you will find that the US is defending the Island and that the mighty Chinese Empire has come to claim it for their own. Try your hardest soldier and make us proud.

Created By: -R|F-Glitch

King of the Hill

In the map King of the Hill, no matter what version you play; 16, 32, or 64-person version, you will find yourself reaching for the top. That is the top of the mountain. The fight will be extreme at the least when both teams the US and the MEC fight their hearts out to own and be claimed? The King of the Hill.

Created By: CrimsonBlaze

Mekong River

Mekong River is located in the heart of the jungle. Here you will find Jungle warfare like no other. Mekong Rivers lush forest and over abundant undergrowth makes for the most deadly silent assault known to man. Your team best be good at being silent and see brush move because this map is a killer.

Created By: AlphaMRE

Attack at Taiming

The city of Taiming is located on an island in the middle of the ocean. On this island you will find your self immerse in the Chinese type landscape fighting your hardest to maintain the balance in the well built city. The alley ways will make your blood boil waiting for someone to jump around the corner and open a volley of bullets in your direction.

Created By: -R|F-Glitch

Uluwatu City

In Uluwatu City you will find yourself fighting in the backyard of a Chinese Sanctuary. While the Ancient Chinese Sanctuary is located on an island your attack will be focused on the defensive bases on the main land. You will find yourself dodge behind trees and driving your Jeeps through the grass as you advance your position to the center or defend your frontal outpost.

Created By: Spitfire


Now Smyrna is a map that you will find yourself locked within the city surrounded by mountains on every side. Locked in for a battle beyond any other. With the dense amount of fog and high detailed city, you will be shocked when the enemy runs out of the fog blazing their guns, but to your advantage there are so many objects to hide behind. Find yourself a spot and get ready to fight in one of the most intense city warfare battles ever.

Created By: Maranello

Hope you guys enjoy these maps and come join us in the server. You can also come join us in the IRC that we run, irc:// or come join us in Teamspeak

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