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Homeworld Mod Update

Homeworld Mod Update
von [AvT]Chris 07.06.2004 4 Kommentare

Das Team der Homeworld Mod präsentiert uns ihre neusten Arbeiten - schaut am besten selbst ;)

Zitat: Ill get strait to the point today. We have lots of new things ingame. First off Check out our ## PTBoat

This vehicle has one very powerful main gun, 2 mounted side guns (stationary MA5Bs), and 3 open positions from which players can use their kit weapons. This is one tough boat, and very fast, but it does not provide much protection for the crew. The lack of protection is made up for in firepower, however.

Next Up Is our Apparation which has been ported to BFV. Check it out.

Next up is our completed Covenant Wasteland redo. Check out information on it on the map here

Lastly is the Warthog Anti Tank, and some Marine touch ups.


08.06.2004 19:14 Goose
Das gleiche wie in Halo. . .
04.04.2006 21:32 K98Sniper
Diese News habe ich zufällig gewählt
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