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BF 1942 Mapping Hilfe?

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Swaffy braucht Hilfe:


This is a map I made a long time ago for my mod. It's a simple/small map which I made to get better at building maps from scratch, it's basically a small arena type map to be played with bots. But I ran into some issues which I could never figure out:

- German flag is invisible, uncapturable, and shows up on the map differently than the other 3 flags (Co-Op)

Is there anyone who can help me figure out the German flag issue? You can download the map in the link above, just drop it in the vanilla BF 1942 to test it.

Wenn ihr Swaffy (dem Entwickler der Swaffy's Mod) bei der Map fertigstellung Helfen wollt oder könnt, dann meldet euch hier oder bei ihm direkt dort, wo er um Hilfe gebeten hat:

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