News Battlefield 1942 DC Realism 0.791 Patch

DC Realism 0.791 Patch

DC Realism 0.791 Patch
von [AvT]Chris 09.06.2004 1 Kommentar

Die auf Desert Combat basierende DC Realism Mod hat einen kleinen Patch (10.17 MB) mit der Version 0.791veröffentlicht. Man braucht die DC Realism Full Version bevor man den Patch installieren kann.


# Mine damage to MBTs increased slightly to ensure a disable # Recoilless Rifles in 73 eastings raised to prevent fratricide # Tank drivers and gunners separated. Gunner has 2x zoom. # Jet radars set to non-sonar to reduce lag issues # Self heal increased a bit from previous low setting # MBT Barrel elevation increased to 20 degrees # Stationary NSVT given proper name, ammo counter # NFZ Pantsyr respawn rate increased # Oil Fields center SA-3 removed # MBT reticle alpha-priority issue improved # Pilot kit model adjusted to remove BAR # Added maps: Inshallah Valley, NFZ 2 # Weapon Bunker: Engineers now spawning kits, ural fuel respawn longer # Removed second destroyer from Midway # Increased autodestruct timeout for abandoned Ammo Vehicles # BRDM-2 aux periscope given zoom, relocated view # M2A3 given ammo-change ability, separate TOW gunner position with arty call # Adjusted damages for 30mm, 30mmAP, 20mm, 25mm HEDP for relative balance # Adjusted deployable MG behaviors to prevent rocking / falling through floors # Many undocumented misc. tweaks

11.06.2004 16:20 Snipers_eyes
gibet aber nur die eine full version oder wat jez