News Battlefield 1942 Silent Heroes - Server Version 0.35

Silent Heroes - Server Version 0.35

Silent Heroes - Server Version 0.35
von [AvT]Chris 18.06.2004 7 Kommentare

Die Silent Heroes Mod hat die Server Version 0.35 released. Der Download ist 17.6 MB groß. Die Client Version, welche 348 MB groß ist, wird Heute Abend erscheinen.


Major Changes:

4 new maps - Engerdal, Rennesoy Island, Dalen, Tallskogen.

New vehicles (Gepard, IFAV, TGB20), helicopters (Eurocopter Tiger, HKP16), boat (Strb90E), buildings, items and effects.

Vehicle-specific sights without any quality-loss on low-end computers. [Unique]

New Vehicle HUD. Now indicates the damagelevel in text and acctually shows you from what direction the vehicle recieves damage. [Unique]

New animated HUD for Medic, Engineer and Art-calls. [Unique]

AHELIs have fully functional radar-decoys. [Unique]

All MBTs now acts 'heavier' when going over objects and terrain.

Small Changes:

New particle-effect used in explosions and projectile-hits. [Unique]

When loading maps small animated clips are played. [Unique]

New effects for several impacts and All effects tweaked.

New fire-sounds to all MBTs and some handguns.

Colmeshes for all vehicles tweaked further and corrected.

Several handguns behaivor when firing tweaked.

All helicopters physics rewritten and improved - to compensate for autorotor-lift when falling.

AHELIs rockets and TOWs are much faster now.

Winter-textures for more vehicles.

Sniperflags are more easily removed now by grenades and won't get stuck indefinitly in an level anymore.

Engineer and Medic much more effective now.

All MBTs gunners now has secondary viewpoint - from inside the barrels.

All light vehicles can take slopes and hills better then before.

NM142 TOW now has much more stabile flight, less fuel and an animated HUD.

18.06.2004 14:40 Snipers_eyes
für BFV gelle??
18.06.2004 15:23 Zork
Urx, mein BF -Partition sprengt langsam aber sicher die 10GB Grenze. .

Aber den Mod muss ich haben :)
18.06.2004 16:26 Gast
der mod ist für bf1942
und er ist total hammer
find ich jedenfalls
die alte version hat sich echt gelohnt zu zocken
kann ich nur weiter empfehlen
18.06.2004 18:28 Rayker
wo kann ichs downloaden?
18.06.2004 20:18 gamer123
dei client version ist auch schon verfügbar guckt mal auf der sh page
19.06.2004 02:35 KallNapp
die Mod is nicht schlecht, macht Spaß zu zocken! Werd mir gleich ma die neue Version saugen. . .
22.06.2004 16:17 Gelbsucht
habe ihn. . finde ich geil mit den schweden und finnen zeug.
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