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DICE: Statement zum Linux Server

DICE: Statement zum Linux Server
von MiG 25.03.2003 1 Kommentar

Wie uns von den Jungs der Webseite netterweise mitgeteilt wurde, hat Andreas Fredriksson von, die Entwickler von Battlefield 1942, bei der Mailing-Liste ein kurzes Statement zum Linux Server abgegeben. Leider ist das Statement derzeit nur in englischer Sprache vorhanden. Lest einfach selbst. Es lohnt sich!


Hi list,

to reduce the number of flamewars ;) on what we're doing and not here's a first status mail on what DICE is currently doing with the linux server:

  • Move to the gcc-3.x compiler (This will generate better code and increase the server performance, but might require that users of older distributions use a statically linked executable)

  • Bungee effect and double bazooka reload issues (I'm currently looking in to these bugs. They are probably related to networking issues, and a fix for these might fix other bugs such as the weapon zoom issue as well)

  • Internal code restructuring (The goal is to reduce the size of the server binary by omitting code that isn't currently in use. This will also reduce the memory footprint of the dedicated server)

  • Road to Rome compatibility fixes (We will be evaluating this and hope to have it fixed with the next release)

Regards, Andreas

25.03.2003 23:15 MiG
na hoffentlich wird das was :)

wäre wirklich geil wenn linux support laufen würde. . .