News Battlefield 2 Kurz gemeldet: Project Reality erhält neue Map

Kurz gemeldet: Project Reality erhält neue Map

Kurz gemeldet: Project Reality erhält neue Map
von El_Exodus 16.03.2014 12 Kommentare

PR:BF2 v1.1.4.0 (2014/03/15)


  • Added Syrian Rebels faction.
  • Added Sbeneh Outskirts (2km) - Syrian Rebels vs MEC - AAS, Insurgency, Skirmish, COOP.
  • Fixed one-shot bug.


  • Added deployable 5m sandbag wall.
  • Fixed Iraqi Insurgent mortars.
  • Fixed supply crates. They now only resupply the crate's designated faction.
  • Fixed CSBs to be destroyable by IEDs.
  • Fixed Cargo Ship, choppers aren't sliding that much on it anymore.
  • Increased ROE time to 2 minutes instead of 1 after helping the insurgents.
  • Increased player climbing ability slightly.


  • Added Syrian Rebels faction.
  • Replaced the collaborator class with a light combat medic. To compliment this, the Iraqi insurgent unarmed class has been given binoculars and a radio - allowing them to provide intel.
  • Fixed the French Forces not having deployable HMG's.


  • Updated smoke trails.
  • Updated bomb, artillery and other explosion effects.
  • Updated various other effects with visual tweaks and performance improvements


  • Added new US Grunt voices.
  • Updated sounds on G3, KORD/DSHK, M4, M16, M79, M240, M1014, MG4, Negev, PZF3, TAR21.
  • Updated sounds on Kiowa, Mi-8, Mi-17, UH-60, M1A2.
  • Fixed various sound distance issues.


  • Added truck with mounted ZU-23-2 AA cannon.
  • Added Su-25a.
  • Updated F-15E. Reduced rudder rate. Fixed flare counter. Updated bomb layout.
  • Updated laser physics on helicopters.
  • Updated pitch rate on F-16, MiG-29 & Su-22.
  • Updated Eurofighter engine behavior.
  • Updated US UH1N to have a different flare launcher, to see if this fixes the flare bug on a public server.
  • Fixed Mk 19 Stryker.
  • Decreased Scimitar and Scorpion armor strength.
  • Decreased recoil force on Tunguska & Type 95.


  • Added stationary ZU-23-2 AA cannon.
  • Added new Paveway Laser Guided Bombs.
  • Updated simrad GTLD lasing system to be more effective.
  • Updated damage levels of LGBs and GPBs.
  • Updated contact damage of bombs to do significant damage on direct hits.
  • Updated Hi-Power Pistol.
  • Updated Eryx AT to fit real life velocities and maximum range.
  • Fixed one-shot bug.
  • Fixed MG3 Elcan maglinking issue.
  • Fixed high damage of 20mm AA shells to tank side armor.
  • Increased artillery damage to tanks.
  • Increased C4 damage to air assets.
  • Increased damage of Mortar IED to soft targets.
  • Increased damage of 20mm AA shells against soft targets.
  • Increased ZPU-4 deviation and overheating.
  • Decreased ammo bag capacity to previous level.
  • Decreased SMAW deploy time by 20%.


  • Fixed several houses that had weird collision meshes, which allowed player to shoot through balconies, etc.


  • Added !scramble to RealityAdmin, which shuffles the teams. This must be run before the round starts.


  • Updated AI weapons handling.
  • Updated Iraqi Insurgents kits.


  • Added Sbeneh Outskirts
  • Updated Beirut - Updated COOP layers and navmeshes.

  • Updated Bijar Canyons - Added new COOP navmesh and layer. - Fixed a bad flag route. - AAS Alt/Std: Increased tickets by 50.

  • Updated Burning Sands - Fixed Stormer and Gopher spawn times.

  • Updated Fallujah West - Added more technicals to Iraqi Insurgents on multiple layers.

  • Updated Fools Road - AAS Inf: Added Militia SPG Technical - AAS Alt/Lrg: Removed Challenger and replaced one BDRM with BMP-1 to balance assets, and added 50 tickets for both teams.

  • Updated Iron Ridge - Fixed machine gun emplacements at Communications flag so players can now exit them. - AAS Inf: Removed RUS MT-LB and added Militia SPG technical for balance. - AAS Std: Removed RUS BTR-80 and added Militia BMP-1 for balance. - AAS Lrg: Increased spawn delay on RUS BTR-80A and added one Militia BMP-1 for balance.

  • Updated Khamisiyah - Added more ladders and rooftop walls to city. - AAS Alt: Replaced Su-22 with Su-25. - AAS Std: Removed one tank on each team & MEC UAZ jeep on bunker flag. - AAS Lrg: Added Su-25 & removed MEC UAZ jeep from bunker flag. - INS Alt: Removed MEC artillery, replaced BMP-2 with BMP-1, increased APC respawn times & removed one transport helicopter. - INS Std: Removed MEC artillery, replaced BMP-2 with BMP-1, replaced T-72's with T-62's, increased tank & APC's respawn times & removed one transport helicopter.

  • Updated Korengal Valley - Added COOP. - Removed UAV.

  • Updated Operation Archer - Added more armed vehicles to Taliban on multiple layers.

  • Updated Operation Barracuda - Updated COOP layers and navmeshes.

  • Updated Pavlovsk Bay - Fixed flag bleed issues on multiple layers.

  • Updated Qwai - Added delayed spawn to TOW humvee & Chinese IFV. - Added 3 non-respawning transport trucks to Chinese main base. - Changed one Chinese IFV to VN3.

  • Updated Saaremaa - Added COOP layers. - Fixed invisible player bug (hopefully). - Fixed artillery bug.

  • Updated Vadso City - Updated COOP layers and navmeshes.

  • Updated Wanda Shan - Updated COOP layers and navmeshes.

17.03.2014 01:14 Shadowcougar
"Plazierbare 5m Sandsack Mauer "
meine Fresse das hat aber auch gedauert xDD...........

17.03.2014 08:28 Chapi
"syrischen Rebellen" Syrische Terroristen würde eher passen!
17.03.2014 08:36 Gast
btw , im letzten Patch wurde auch die F15 hinzugefügt ;)
17.03.2014 09:10 Stoner Berish
Sehr cool, nur leider immer noch kein standalone :(
17.03.2014 11:47 gapps
Sehr fein
17.03.2014 12:25 El_Exodus
Oh, das wusst ich nicht. Hab mich dieses mal nur auf dieses eine Update beschränkt.
17.03.2014 19:15 =kettcar=
Klasse Update, bei FH2 sind wir auch schon fleissig am werkeln. Werde mir die Map auf alle Fälle ansehen.
18.03.2014 20:02 fenderkicker
hm, aus einem aktuellen anlass eine map zu machen finde ich unglücklich. das ist mir zu politisch – oben gibt's schon den kommentar von wegen "syrische rebellen" und so.
19.03.2014 00:32 hochstetter
ach und Konflikte vergangener Tage sind weniger politisch :ugly:
bei BF geht's ums zocken; Teamplay + Fun haben und nicht um Politik
19.03.2014 02:08 Shadowcougar
BF1942 und BFVietnam Spielen in Frei erfundenen szenarien .... xD
19.03.2014 09:36 Gast
Und wann kommt eine Krim Map, RUS vs. UKR :ugly:
19.03.2014 10:50 El_Exodus

Hier ist die Krim-Map :'D