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  1. =kettcar=

    Battlefield V - Diskussion

    Na endlich, war ja grausam, gell Planes - Bomber Issues - There are various issues with bombers that we are addressing in an upcoming update: Re-supply positions are too close to the infantry combat area, they will be moved to the edge of the flight radius. Re-supply time is instant when flying through the re-supply position, combined with the above players can make loops bombing the field. The Beta had a reload, but it was broken and we addressed it in feedback by eliminating it entirely. It was necessary to balance and we will fix it and reinstate the reload timer since simply flying to the re-supply point has proven inadequate to address the frequency issue. Flak damage vs. bombers should be increased. Bombers have a reduced Flak damage, making them harder to take down due to them being bigger and easier targets. Unfortunately this reduction is simply too much, so we will increase the damage Flak does to the bomber classes. Feedback is clear that fighters are already plenty vulnerable to Flak, and no change is currently needed to those planes. Additionally we will fix some bugs with Flak that caused bombers flying directly away from a Flak to be invulnerable to the flak damage. Since this is a combined effect we are being careful not to over buff flak vs bombers, since they will take damage in a more consistent manner with the bug fix. Restrict plane spawning in beginning of round to prevent an immediate bombing of the clumped up group of players in their scripted spawn.
  2. =kettcar=

    Schwarzes Brett (biete/suche)

    Jemand aus Nostalgie Gründen Interesse? 10€ inkl. Versand
  3. =kettcar=


    Hab da mal ne Frage: - Gibt es Spielmodi oder Server wo man länger als 30 Minuten spielen kann? So eine Art Survival ohne Zeitlimit?


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