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Killing Floor

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ich hab da was extrem interissantes für euch...

Ich hab da von einer gerade entstehenden BFV - Mod gehört,

die nach dem Film "28 Days Later" entwickelt wird! :)

Für Fans wie mich sicher sehr geil... :D

Wer sich dafür inerissiert,

hier ist die Story für euch:

An infection has broken out, starting from London, and spreading aggressively in a matter of days to other parts of the world.

This not the old, get cold and shiver infection...

It's an infection that turns the victims into blood thirsty creatures who's sole purpose is to further propagate the expansion of the virus by transmitting it directly into their victim's bloodstream. There have been some people who have survived the first outbreak, people that have been stuck in subways, locked in prison, people in planes, or those at sea. These survivors either picked up what they could find and fought for their lives, or let down their arms to be consumed by the infection. Their one aim for the foreseeable future was to contact each other. Each and everyone's fear was to be left alone, but as time went on, this became more and more, a likely scenario. Now and then small groups of survivors would engineer methods of contacting one another. Fuel stations were set alight and towers or apartment buildings rigged with lights to attract attention. People sometimes made posters out of scrap pieces of paper, plastic and cardboard in basements then took their chances on the streets to fix them to a wall in the hopes that a passing survivor might find it. Some... Well, A LOT didn't make it, and their blood would obscure the writing or pictures that they lost their lives trying to contact others through. The infected on the other hand roamed around everywhere, mostly all coming out at late evening and night, though daytime wasn't by any shadow of the imagination, safe. Non infected sometimes just died of exhaustion because of constant stress and almost constant fighting.

Killing Floor, is a new idea in the mod community. It's focused on team-work and the more exciting part of Battlefield : Relentless combat. After several years of dedication to the game, Battlefield 1942, we decided to venture off into making Battlefield something that appeals to the people that dont like the same old style of... well... waiting. The weapons you'll have will be basic, hobby crossbows, axes, home-made explosives and if you're lucky, a pistol. The game will push the original concept of Battlefield to the limits, no more endlessly waiting for a helicopter or having gunfights that last three seconds. The new vehicles give the game an extra shove, no more military helicopters / planes, modern Humvees. This time, it's armoured up pick-ups and armed buses, or just roaming the empty streets... Though these vehicles are few and far between, and there will be large fights between the infected and scattered survivors. Imagine, you and your Net buddy or even an unknown player decide to take refuge in a ransacked flat up in a tower. The lights are out and you and your friend are waiting, weapons in hand, just waiting for something to crawl through the door. The sound of clanging metal and concrete as something fumbles up the stairs, following your scent. The figure scrambles through the door and you and your friend charge, your weapons flailing, in a fit of anger you don't realise the others that follow. Or maybe you're roaming through the streets in a group, in search of an ammo dump or a base some of your teammates have gathered. The maps in the mod will be created using real city maps, from places all over the world, starting with the place the infection began. Ground Zero - London, England.

Leider ein englisches Team,

was aber für die meisten von euch kein großes Problem sein sollte!

Homepage der Killing Floor Mod => http://www.killingfloor.cjb.net/

Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei,

und guckt euch die Models an! :)

Den IRC Channel von den Leutz erreicht ihr unter

irc://irc.gamesurge.net/killingfloor :)

Hier auchnoch ein kleines Interview,

was das Modteam vor einiger Zeit mal gegeben hat:


Ich freu mich schon auf den Release!!! :D:D:D

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