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BVSM/BVRM 2.0beta 4f released

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Gestern wurde die neue Beta 4f der bekannten Admintools BFSM/BFRM released:

I have posted BxSM beta 4f on the download pages. Beta 4f is compatible with BFVietnam v1.1.

Unfortunately, the server function BVSM(D) needs for in-game administration is not working in BFV 1.1 and consequently in-game admin, banned words in chat, PunkBuster GUIDs and PB banning still do not work in beta 4f. The good news is I will be working with DICE Canada to get the server working to support these functions in the near future.

We are also working on a Custom Combat Editor for the next release. This editor will be a stand-alone utility which can be used by anyone (with or without BVSM) to create and manage Custom Combat configurations. The editor will dovetail into BVxM so you can also manage CC configs remotely using BVRM.

Here is the beta 4f change-list;

    * Added support for BFV 1.1 to BVxM

    * Added support for new extended maplist format in BVSM

    * Added support for new server settings in BFV 1.1

    * Added new -adminlog command-line option (admin log is OFF by default)

    * Added missing AdminLog.csv CSV field header

    * Added Custom Kick and Custom Ban fixed menu commands to player menu

    * Fixed bug causing auto-ban to fail repeatedly

    * Fixed bug in banlist export causing badly formatted banlist files

    * Fixed bug causing all timed-bans to expire after an unban operation

    * Fixed broken BxRM URL support for bfrm:// links

    * Fixed broken -stop function in BxSM

    * Fixed broken Take Screenshot function in BxSM for Linux

    * Fixed problems transferring larger files in BxSM for Linux

    * BxSM will now use PunkBuster to kick players with a message if PB is enabled

    * BxSM for Linux will now restart on previous map after a server crash

    * BxSM for Linux will now reread useraccess.con upon receiving SIGHUP

    * BxSM for Linux will now authenticate unencrypted client logins in useraccess.con

    * Modified user alt-menu in BxRM to grey out unavailable permissions

    * Many other minor additions and cosmetic improvements

I have also included static builds of BxSM for Linux in the distribution archives for admins using older Linux systems.

My thanks to the BBO Test Team again for helping out with testing on short notice. We have not had time to thoroughly test beta 4f so some bugs may remain. I would have held this release over for another week for further testing but I felt it was better to release early with the possibility of some bugs rather than delaying.

Please post bug reports in the following forum threads: BFSM for Windows here, BFSM for Linux here, BVSM for Windows here, and BVSM for Linux here.

Finally, I would like to close with a word about donations. As many of you know, I am a university student now and my work on BxSM supplements my meager income via donations. I spend many hours working on this software and all I ask in return is a small donation from you. If you find this software useful, particularly those GSPs among you who are using my software to make a profit, please consider making a donation. Thank you.

UPDATE: I have fixed a problem causing false server restarts due to popups when using BVSM to start a dedicated server from a game install (not from a ded server install). Download BVSM again to get the fix.

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