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Al Bundy


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kann mir einer sagen wie ich es hinkrieg das auf meinem server low-gravity herrscht?das is nämlich cool,da kann man super stunts machen!

greetz, Al :ph34r:

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Guest desert666

Ey, Newbie, mach mal langsam - iss noch früh am morgen - gääähhhnnnn. :D:lol::D

Sorry, aber da habe ich noch nie was von gehört - da ich eher der Client-Gemeinde angehöre...

Echt keine Ahnung - mal nen Server-Tutorial durchforstet?


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Guest desert666

war doch nur spass - dasselbe haste mal zu johel gesagt... (nicht wiedererkannt?) ;)

ums wieder gut zu machen - das habe ich in nem anderen Forum gefunden:

du musst die objects.rfa entpacken und beim gewünschten Fahrzeug in der objects.con die Masse verändern

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Guest desert666

Und hier noch was ausführliches (Von 1shot1kill - die Ehre gebührt ihm B) ):

Stunt Q&A

Use this Q&A thread to ask questions about stunt, to give answers to questions people asked, or to post a question with the answer. Please do not start a normal chat here, it will get deleted.

This Q&A was made with the help of the people who posted in this thread, so credit goes to them.

Q: How do i set up my server so i can do stunts with explosives?

A: Use the following admin commands to make your server suitable for stunts:

Admin.soldierffratio 0

Admin.soldierffratioonsplash 0

Admin.Vehicleffratio 0

Admin.Vehicleffratioonsplash 0

Q: How do i get low gravity on my server?

A: Go to your Battlefield 1942/Mods/BF1942/Settings folder and open Serversettings.con with notepad.(make one if it is not there yet) Then add the line Physics.gravity # where # is the value, -9.81 is the default, -1 is low gravity and -12 is high gravity, experiment with the values.

Q: Which maps are best suited for stunts?

A: This would be based on personal opinion but usually maps with hills and loads of vehicles are good. A few examples would be: Gazala, El Alamein, Bocage, Market Garden, Guadalcanal and Wake.

Q: What is the best way to coördinate stunts with my friends?

A: A voice communication program would be best, like Roger Wilco or Teamspeak 2.

Q: How do i do a basic jeep jump?

A: Find a hill that is suitable to use as a ramp and big enough to lift the jeep. (so no small bumps) Lay down your explosive packs and rearm at an ammo box or apc (you might want to take one to the stunt site) and put down more explosive packs till you got 9. (the maximum)

Back up far enough with the jeep so you get a nice speed before hitting the Packs. If everyone is ready, floor the car and try to drive over the packs at a straight angle.

The tricky part is to get the TNT to blow up right when you pass it with the rear wheel as it gives the maximal blast to the jeep. To achieve this, ignite the TNT right when the front wheel hits the packs (if you drive at full speed). Also, and this is the hardest part, your team needs to blow them at the same time for maximal effectivity.

Now, if everything worked right you should enjoy a nice flight, try the same with other vehicles like tanks and apc's.

Q: How do i 'wingwalk' the B-17?

A: Get up on the Wing by either jumping on the rear flaps and walk over the middle part of the plane to the wing or just enter it, press 2 to get in the top gunner position and exit, you will stand on the left wing.

You need a good pilot as he has to turn carefully and avoid flying at too high velocities (otherwise you will fall off).

You may be shoved backwards when flying so you have to constantly move forward or (when turning the plane) moving in the opposite direction. I suggest to either stand on the wing or crouch (default: Ctrl key) because when you go prone you don't move fast enough. With a good pilot you can stay on the wing for quite a long time.

Smaller planes work as well: You go prone this time, as you have less space to stand on and have the pilot fly slow enough. The right speed should be when the landing gear is still extracted.

To get on the wing while in flight move to the upper turret, point the crosshair at 1 of the wingtips and exit the plane, you will end up on the wing so prepare to move with it so you don't fall off.

Note: If your server runs with low gravity, you won't be able to do this, as planes tend to be uncontrollable in low-grav.

Q: How do i do an AA APC jump?

A: A good map to do this is Bocage as Allies or Market Garden as Axis (other maps with AA will work too, of course, but on Bocage and Marked Garden you'll have the needed things nearby). Let's take Bocage as an example: get an APC and drive near to an AA, lets say the one right from where the Tanks spawn.

Drive really slow and straight towards it..as soon as you hit the barrel, your APC should lift its nose and launch itself a few miliseconds later.

A variation to this: Have someone lay detpacks on and near the AA (as however: the more, the better ) and blow them as soon as the APC lifts its nose. Can drastically increase the airtime of the APC.

Q: I want to do a more advanced stunt!

A: This one is going to take very good timing. Lay 4 explosive packs at your feet, while 1 of your buddies gets in a dive-bomber. (2 seater) Let him fly over you as low as he can, the trick is to detonate the explosive packs just before he flies over you, while you do this hold your enter/exit vehicle button and if you do it right you should end up in his read gunner position.

Q: Where can i find stunt servers?

A: Check out this thread with stunt server ip's.

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