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BFSM/BFRM 2.0beta4h in Arbeit

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Kaum wurde die beta4g der Admin-Tools BFSM/BFRM released kündigt Kevin von www.blackbagops.com die beta4h an:

Today I am happy to report that I have located the cause of two annoying issues that have been causing problems with the Linux version of BxSM lately. I speak of the dreaded "SECURITY ALERT! Client at does not have access to command BABE0000!" and "Select() returned an error! Bad file descriptor (9)" errors.

I have tracked these errors down to an unknown action taken by the server when it exits after a fatal error. This situation has not caused problems in the past (to my knowledge) but seems to do so in the recent versions of the Linux BF servers. At any rate, I have made some changes that resolve these errors and beta 4h is currently being tested at a few sites just to make sure there are no more "undocumented features".

In the process of finding and fixing these problems I also found a way to make server error messages appear in the bxsmd log file which will help greatly with debugging server problems. I have also fixed a serious crashbug in BxSM for Windows in beta 4h. Beta 4h will be released after we have completed a basic assurance test which hopefully won't take more than a few days.

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