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BFV 1.2 Linux Dedicated Server released!

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Vor ein paar Stunden wurde der BF:Vietnam 1.2 Linux Dedicated Server released:

1.2 is now out the door.  This release is another non-upgradeable install.  Old data is very obsoleted.  So, move your stuff out of the way before

installing (as always, the installer will ask you to confirm overwriting an old installation anyways).

Get the dedicated linux server at:


MD5Sum at:


0af6cbf5460d51d717203c07a18733a9  bfv_linded-v1.2-20041006.1506.run


1.2.0 conga line

    - New Maps:

        - Operation Cedar Falls

        - Saigon - 1968

        - Fall of Saigon

    - Spectator Mode

        game.ServerAllowSpectators <0|1>

            0 - off

            1 - on

        game.ServerAllowSpectatorChat <0|1>

            0 - off

            1 - on

        game.serverAllowSpectatorVoting <0|1>

            0 - off

            1 - on

        game.serverSpectatorAllowSwitchTime 120

            Minimum time (in seconds) a player is locked to the spectator

            team after switching.

    - WW2Mod maps now included.

        The ww2 maps are listed in mods/bfvietnam/settings/maplist.con, but

        are commented out.  Remove the 'rem' to enable them.

    - admin.enableConsoleInfoServer is now fixed, so that PunkBuster and

        chat messages will be sent out to an active remote console,

        allowing third-party tools access to this information.

    - various other fixes

A few new commands are listed in the serversettings.con file, including the above, so take a look at it/run a diff before restoring your old settings.


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