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Auf www.planetbattlefield.com wurde folgendes in den News gepostet:

Old Sounds Back

12:29 PST | -1313-Evil_Homer

Mikey sent me this wonderful .zip file today for people who want the old sounds back. Seems that he was having problems like a lot of fans with the new sounds from the 1.3 patch. So, he extracted the old sounds from 1.2 and dumped them into the sounds_001.rfa of the 1.3 patch. This means, the game will now play the old sounds without messing up anything else in the process (and fixing others). If your having problems with the sounds or simply want the old ones back. Give this a try! Please note: this might not help all of you with sound problems, but its worth a try.


Extract 'sounds_001.rfa' from the zip and place it inside your '\mods\bf1942\archives\' folder

Make sure you back up the one already there, in case things go wrong.

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