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realfoxboy - realfoxboy

kandalff - Urilaiberl

mistercrouch - Neo

resnemo - Dablablabla (im X-Fire Sunny)

weedo1 - Weedo

burner665 - Burner

xstivan - Dr.IvaN

bananarama - Bananarama

kallepalle - KaLLePaLLe

1ray1 - [VIG] Black Shark

andre2004 - Andre2004

nncnighthawk - Nighthawk

promille - AL_PACINO

blochi - Blochi

diggen - DiGGeN

opawilli - OpaWilli

foxxbuster - Quel Thalas (glaub ich)

fngrayfox - Solidussnake

lookie - LookBehindYou

mapee - mape

ceanic - Ce4nIc(höhö hab mich an freakys stelle gepackt^^)

robdexter - Rob.Dexter

schaaf - Schaaf

muckumucku - SLIMER

clonecommander - CloneCommander

xstnecro - Necro

m0m3nt5 - Moments

l8r41n6u9 - (auch ausm Forum, weis aber nicht mehr wer)

bigbass0123 - pommespanzer

jom - Jo-M

katzenoma - DoktorEvil

hoheshaus - HohesHaus

Stonecold2104 - Stonecold2104

peterpaulitsch - Crashbreaker

keeev - kEEv³

isch disch! - deranalfuerst

tobitee - nOoK!E

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