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Hi Leute,

will mir mit ein paar Kumpels zusammen einen Root-Server genehmigen

und da soll dann auch ein BFV Server drauf laufen...

Meine Frage, an alle die schon einen aktuell am laufen haben:

Was frisst der Server so an Hardware?

Was hat er für einen Traffic-Durchsatz?

Sagen wir mal bei einer Belegung mit max. 50 Slots...

Danke für die Infos..


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Dazu findest sich das hier in der readme des Servers:




We highly recommend Battlefield servers to be run on dedicated

server platforms. Currently, the best performance is on a machine

with the following specifications:


WinOS/933Mhz processor/256MB RAM/ADSL connection


WinOS/1.6Ghz processor/256MB RAM/T1 connection


WinOS/2.4Ghz processor/256MB RAM/T1 connection

32+ players

WinOS/3Ghz processor/256MB RAM/T3 connection (You will need at

least 4Mbit of bandwidth)

NOTE: Depending on your hardware and bandwidth you may be need

to set the max players lower to limit lag. If you have a high-

end server with a bandwidth which allows 1MB or higher upload

you can experiment with setting the max number of players higher

than 32.

As always, if you can increase any of the above hardware, you will

improve your overall gameplay experience.

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