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Radar Tower in Battle of Britain

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ein freundliches hallo an alle

mein erster poste :)

zu meinem problem

ich würde gerne in der map Battle of Britain den Radar Tower die eigenschaften der fabrik geben

(der tower sollte genauso viel abkönnen)

hab schon so einiges ausprobiert ohne ervolk

wenn jemand da vieleicht helfen kann

ich bin schon am verzweifeln :(


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Was hast du denn bis jetzt schon ausprobiert?

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in der objecte.con der map







für das dazugehörige matterial

da war ich noch nicht bei, weil ich überhaubt kein plan hab was das macht???

ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 750 e_DefGunDamage -1.499/15.1/5

ObjectTemplate.addArmorEffect 500 e_DefGunDamage -1.499/15.1/5



(in der objecte.con der map)


Edited by pazi

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Splash damage is what comes from explosions. An explosion affects objects whose center is inside the blast radius. This radius, measured in meters, is found in the Weapons.con file for the weapon, e.g. the Sturmtiger's setting is:

ObjectTemplate.radius 20

If any terrain or object blocks the line segment between the explosion and the soldier's center, the soldier receives no damage from the explosion. Objects and terrain do not block splash damage attacks against vehicles and objectives.

Material2 gives the attack material for splash damage for a weapon. This property is found in the weapon's Weapons.con file. For handweapons, this property is in the common\Weapons.con file (for the bazooka shell) or in the weapon's Objects.con file. For example, the explosive pack's Radius and Material2 are defined in objects\handweapons\exppack\objects.con:

ObjectTemplate.radius 12

ObjectTemplate.material2 204

The defense material of the target is easier to find than for direct damage, as in this case it is not derived from the collision mesh. The defense material is simply whatever value is set in the object's Objects.con file. For example, here is the setting for the Wespe:

ObjectTemplate.material 45

The defensive material of a vehicle is often set to be about the thinnest armor in its vehicle class. Setting it this low is not a requirement, it is just the way it was done in BF 1942. For example, the Wespe's collision mesh uses materials 46 and 47, but its splash damage material is 45.

If the object is inside the explosion's radius and the damage is not blocked, the splash damage equation is used:

Hitpoints = MaterialDamage * DamageMod * RadiusMod

MaterialDamage: This value is also found in the game\bf1942\Game\materialManagerdefine.con file. The Material2 value is used. For example, the explosive pack's Material2 is 204, and the corresponding entry is:

MaterialManager.material 204

MaterialManager.materialAttGroup 204

MaterialManager.materialDefGroup 204

MaterialManager.materialDamage 20

So the MaterialDamage base value is 20 for the explosive pack.

DamageMod: Similar to direct damage, the attack material and defense material are used to find the damage modifier, in the weapon's file in the directory bf1942\Game\damage_system. Continuing with an explosive pack (material 204) vs. a Wespe (material 45), the entry is in the file bf1942\Game\damage_system\exppack.con:

MaterialManager.attGroup 204

MaterialManager.defGroup 45

MaterialManager.damageMod 3

MaterialManager.setEffectTemplate e_ExplGranade

(Note that, if you look inside this file, the comments are incorrect about what material does what damage.) So, the DamageMod is 3 for the explosive pack vs. the Wespe.

RadiusMod: All explosions fall off with distance. The property DamageType in the weapon's Weapons.con file specifies the type. For explosive packs (and almost every other explosive) this entry is:

ObjectTemplate.damageType 1

which means that the object explodes on impact. Landmines and flak guns are the only weapons with a DamageType of 4, which was introduced with the v1.4 patch. This setting is used to allow the projectile to explode when it is near another object. The property ObjectTemplate.explodeNearEnemyDistance sets this explosion distance.

Damage falls off linearly with distance from the center of the explosion, going to zero at its Radius. The term is simply (1 - distance/radius). For our example, say the explosive pack was put 1.2 meters from center of the Wespe. The radius mod is then (1 - 1.2/4), or 0.7.

Hitpoints: as with direct damage, this is the number of points of damage done. For our explosive pack vs. Wespe example, the MaterialDamage was 20, the DamageMod was 3, and the RadiusMod was 0.7. This gives:

Hitpoints = MaterialDamage * DamageMod * RadiusMod

Hitpoints = 20 * 3 * 0.7 = 42

So the Wespe takes 42 points of damage. It has 50 hitpoints at full strength, so it would be brought down to 8 hit points.

PS: Also das hab ich noch auf dem Pc von dem Damagesystem. Ich hoffe es hilft dir.

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erstmal danke für die vielen antworten

ich hab mich mal an diese formel gehalten

Hitpoints = MaterialDamage * DamageMod * RadiusMod

bei der fabrik sind das meiner meinung nach die werte

ObjectTemplate.create PlayerControlObject Britain_Factory

ObjectTemplate.hitpoints 1000

ObjectTemplate.maxhitpoints 1000

ObjectTemplate.material 45

und bei den radartürmen

ObjectTemplate.create PlayerControlObject Felixstowe_RadarTower

ObjectTemplate.HitPoints 600

ObjectTemplate.MaxHitPoints 600

ObjectTemplate.Material 45

und das projektil bleibt ja das selbe

wenn ich bei den türmen

ObjectTemplate.HitPoints 1000

ObjectTemplate.MaxHitPoints 1000


ObjectTemplate.material 45

das material ist bei beiden objekten ja gleich

kann die fabrick immer noch ca. 5x mehr ab als die türme

was hab ich übersehen?


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