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Big Browser : a software for your team !

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After a year of development, a first version of Big Browser is finally available for any communities (information website, clan website?) wishing

to use it.

Any communities can, right now, register on Big Browser and add it into their own site. The procedure takes only a few minutes for integration

and a perfect interaction with your community.

Big Browser is a program that allow community website to gather up all members around video

games. Its role is to gather on the same Internet page all the players who are member of a site and who are playing video games online.

It?s easy to use, it just need to have an account on Big Browser website, install the software and start it before playing. (You have the

possibility to start the software with Windows). With this, when you will play on Internet, your nickname and information of the game server

(name, IP...) where you play will be sent to the Big Browser site and will be directly displayed on a page of your site with the other members of

your community.

The main difference with software like X-Fire, it's the fact that you see all your friends playing in one look and on your own site. No need to add

a friend each time, log in one time and it's finished, you are connected to your community.

The best way to illustrate what was explained is the following screenshot : http://www.big-browser.com/images/en/ex_nofrag.jpg

More information about Big Browser : http://www.big-browser.com/wtf/

I sincerely hope that you will find our software interesting, it was make for you, to gather members of a website or clan, and allow them to find

each other easily to play together.



Big Browser


Big Browser Project Leader

URL : http://www.big-browser.com


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