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Bots in Tdm hinzufügen

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hi alle

Ich kenne da eine Web: www.serversidemodding.com

Da kann man verschiedene sachen machen

Irgendwo steht auf Englisch

OK, check this out... i'll be using Kursk TDM as an example:

in the tdm.con file, add "run ai v_arg1" right before you run objectspawns.con so it looks like this:


run tdm/SpawnpointManagerSettings

run tdm/SoldierSpawnTemplates

run tdm/SoldierSpawns

run tdm/ObjectSpawnTemplates

run tdm/ControlPointTemplates

if v_arg1 == host

run ai v_arg1

run tdm/ObjectSpawns

run tdm/ControlPoints



then, in the file AI.con, you need to add two lines at the top:


run AI/AIdefault.con v_arg1

run AI/AIbehaviours.con v_arg1

If your map doesn't have an AI.con, then check in the cherry BF version of the map (if this is a mod that just doesn't have the AI.con, then that means noone has made a coop version of the map... go make one!!)

Now, open the game.rfa of either your mod or from cherry BF. your looking for two files and a directory with 4 files. They are:







Extract all of these and put them (keeping the same directory structure) in your map RFA.

For example, now in my kursk map, i have:











This will get bots in the map, but they wont do anything, and that's because the weapons their holding have no AI stuff on them (for some reason, if you dont run COOP, they dont get run).

Just include the AI files for any weapons you have in any of your kits. For this modded version of Kursk, i have no vehicles and sniper kits only, so here's what i needed (put this at the end of TDM.con, or Conquest.con for CQ mode):


rem you need these two no matter what

include ../../../../../objects/items/basekit/ai/objects.con

include ../../../../../objects/soldiers/common/AI/Objects.con

rem include all weapons:

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/EliteKnife/AI/Weapons.con

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/Tabuk/AI/Weapons.con

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/KnifeAllies/AI/Weapons.con

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/M82/AI/Weapons.con

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/M25/AI/Weapons.con

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/Browninghipo/AI/Weapons.con

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/KnifeAxis/AI/Weapons.con

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/GrenadeAllies/AI/Weapons.con

include ../../../../../objects/HandWeapons/M9_beretta/AI/Weapons.con

Kann mir da jemand eine andere Web mit deutscher übersetzung zeigen, oder vielleicht auch übersetzen?



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Wenn du das bisschen nicht verstehst, dann kann ich dir auch nicht helfen, soviel

englisch ist mit der USK von 16 jahren vorauszusetzen. Wenn man schon früher anfängt

(was ich ja auch gemacht habe), dann soll man sich das wenigstens selber erarbeiten.

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