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Patch 1.4 amDienstag den 15.08

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:super: Hallo!

Schaut mal was ich hier:


gelesen habe!

Here was the promised update about the 1.4 patch.



First of all, we'd like to thank everybody who has contributed with the Beta Testing of the Patch 1.4 for posting your opinions on the forums.

Your opinions and reports has been very useful for us to improve the stability of the client and server for this patch. Also, we proudly present ?Road to Jalalabad? sponsored by Comcast, and the new server option ?Infantry Only? which will give you a new dimension for the classic Battlefield experience. The 1.4 patch will be available next Tuesday, the 15th of August.

Also, on a new effort for supporting our community, we are pleased to announce the first cycle of our MODLight where we will check the talent of the community's mod teams. As a part of this, every mod will be tested and hosted on servers arround the globe for the player's enjoyment.

More details about this patch and the MODLight program at the beginning of the incoming week!

The Battlefield Team

So, damit ist es raus wann der Patch kommt!!

Bis denne... St Brubaker1

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Hättest lieber hier das posten sollen ;). Aber nun gut bist ja noch neu und danke für die Info

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