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medic veteran status

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i would like to know when I will get the medic veteran status? Do I have to need als basics first or not? I read on many pages that the requirements are 15hours of beeing a medic and 20 healing points in one round. So last game I got 46 points of healing and reanimation and I played for more than 25 hours medic but I hadn't got the veteran status jet. Why?

Thanks, bys LatoGT

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IAR: 10 kills as Medic


15 hours playing as Medic IAR: 20 kills as Medic


100 hours playing as Medic IAR: 40 kills as Medic

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ja schon aba dafür gibts doch extra threads aber na gut der ist english und hat sich hier her verirrt also von da her is des ok ^^

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