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Ti_GER arn354

aix2 hotfix 2.0 serversideonly

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The release of the BF2 1.5 patch caused a couple of things to break in AIX2's online conquest and co-op game modes, as server admins are no doubt aware. Ti_GER arn354 has engineered a hotfix workaround so you can get back up and running instantly.

*** AIX2 client players DO NOT need to install this hotfix: It is for AIX2 server admins ONLY. ***


The deployable mortar has been disabled - any attempt to select it will result in the previous weapon being re-selected.

Under BF2 1.5 online, no ammunition magazine may contain more than 1023 rounds. The AH-1X, A-10, A-10b, AH-64, AH-64 Gunship,Rooivalk, Yak-38 and Blizzard all broke this rule by varying degrees, but now have a maximum of 1000 rounds in the offending magazines. A side-effect is that the ammo-bar for an affected magazine will only fill up to the level set by the new 1,000 round limit, and so may not look completely full.

Installation instructions and details are in the ReadMe. Please read it completely before you make any changes.

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@ alle - Sorry ich habe übersehen das AIX_AH64gunship zwei Kanonen hat, die beide zuviel Munition hatten. Danke an Lolsmurf der darauf hingewiesen hat.

bearbeitet von Ti_GER arn354

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