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Inzwischen ist Version 1.1 der GI Joe MOD released worden:

G.I. Joe Mod Fix 5 Comments

20:00 PST | -1313-Evil_Homer

Our hosted mod G.I. Joe, has posted a patch for their newly released alpha mod. As you know they released their first build yesterday but ran into a few minor problems that caused many people some sadness. Well it's time for you to smile again! They worked all night and all day to target the program and wipe it from this battlefield with a new patch. As you all know these things sometime happen with early builds and receiving your feedback really helped. I really admire them for sticking with it and pulling an all night'er to get it working for the community. Here is what they have to say: 

Sorry it took us so long. We kept running into problem after problem. Now it back to the way it's suppose to be. We have busted our butts to fix it. We are very sorry for all of the problems. It seems it all stems from a problem with the menu_001.rfa file but after we got to looking we found it was much deeper than that. I would like to thank you all for the support that you have give us. We really needed. I would also like to thank some great guys from our forum that helped out D-Run and AmnChode were a huge help in tracking down the problem. Credit for the fix goes to Syko_Rip. Your da man!! We would also like to thank everyone else who have help us in getting this fixed. We are sorry our first release ended up having this many problems and thank you guys for understanding that it's an alpha.

(Quelle: www.planetbattlefield.com)

Wollte ich euch nur mal so zustecken ;)


Download the GI_Joe_Update v1.1 Patch Now

Get it as a ZIP file from here

G.I. Joe Mod

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dankö, kannst ja das nächste map per news einsenden direkt einschicken, hab grad keine zeit, ich trags später ein

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