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Battlefield 2 Real War

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The Real War is a mod, consisting of the original Battlefield 2 and the addones, such as Armored Fury and Euro Forces, and successfully set into mod Special Forces and the successfully picked up maps, models and techniques from the Point OF Existence 2 + the models of the arsenal and techniques with the new effects of the other mods. 10 the best mods were taken to pieces for the creating the Real War. The warriors do not need to rerun the game, and the administrators do not need to set going the one more new server to play on such maps as “Surge”(SF) or “Berezan Island”(POE2), to play for China, and in the next round – for the Russian troop of special destination.

The reinforcements of the arsenal.

After the rigging Special Forces that usually have the standard armies ( China MEK and the USA) the rope hooks and the rope temporary bridges appeared in the arsenal with the help of which the game on such maps as Strike at Karkand, Mashtuur City and the others became more dynamic. All the classes of support have the tear gas, the classes of the special forces in addition to the remote control have a pack C-4with the beeper for 20 seconds… and it is not the whole new arsenal!

The new techniques!

After the breaking up POE2 the new strongholds and lots of new techniques appeared on the maps of the Real War. The new stationary and movable mounts of the antiaircraft defence shake down the new airplanes and helicopters successfully. The work at the addon Armored Fury made it possible to fly on Littlebird and EC635 and not only on its three maps… It is also possible on some big maps of the high-speed traverse, where the motorcycles were placed.

The maps.

The Real War includes more than 45 maps of different mods. The main selection criterion became the quality of performing and the how interesting the game play was. It’s a well known secret that most of them we had to refashion, making them considerably interesting. The list of maps always increases.

Another factors.

After the Real War is installed, you may play original Battlefield 2 and on your favourite servers as usual!

Mod monitor


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What about pictures? Would be nice to see some ingame pics before I download it.

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Da gabs doch schonmal einen thread drüber, Klick ich hab aber keine Ahnung ob die nun wirklich Inhalt geklaut haben oder nicht. -_-

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WTF ist das für ne Mod! oO Hatt ja unglaublich viele Spieler

Wird sofort gezogen, egal ob gestohlenes Zeugs oder nicht :blink:

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