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FHSW 0.41 New Maps

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This file is map pack for FHSW 0.41.

It tweaks game balance of multi-player gaming, and adds some new maps.

If you applied this file, you can't connect with game server which not applied.

You should ask to admin whether to have applied it.

If you want to connect with both "applied" server and "not applied" server, you have to make backup file of "not applied" maps.

There is no installers for this file.

Please move the "FHSW" folder to the following folder.

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\

Download URL follow.

Volt-Online(slow) Volt-Online Download

Pixel-Fighter-Commmunity(fast) Pixel-Fighter-Commmunity Download :daumenhoch:

The following is a list of changes this month's map pack coordination.

+ Additions

* Changes

Add New Map

+ Battle_of_Bougainville

Map size is larger, the air war in Bougainville has been completely refurbished.

Obujekutibumodo only supports.

+ Battle_at_River_Don (Supervised by MasterT)

Hungarian troops are Pusshumappu prevent Soviet attacks.

Are adjusted to be advantageous compared to the Soviet version of the custom maps.

This map was the supervision of Mr. MasterT.

+ Operation_SpringAwakening

Mapping strategy is dealing with a major counteroffensive by the Germans on the Eastern Front.

Are adjusted so that it is advantageous compared to German edition custom map.

The shallow lake has been added that can pass the vehicle.

Adjust the map (map-related changes to a very large number have been described only partially.)

* Arnhem-1944

Adjust the value of the flag is no longer move the 6 pounder.

The Germans will decrease the number of tanks per Risupon take the flag.

* Battle_Isle-1944

Increase the number of U.S. troops carrying Raifurugurenedo of grenadiers.

* Battle_of_Angaur

Increase the number of plants was significantly revised alignment flags and weaponry.

* Battle_of_Iwo_Jima

Risupon changed some point, flame kit were added.

* Battle_Of_Makin

Flag value has been adjusted. Torpedo boat torpedo can get it back where supply Risupon.

* Battle_Of_Orel-1943

Significantly reduced the number of bullets in possession of a pistol Kamp, has changed some types of tanks and aircraft.

* Berlin-1945

German-based substantially remodeled, the basement was added flag and territory.

* Bombing_The_Reich-1945

Changed aircraft and anti-aircraft turret design.

* Counterattack-1940

Been adjusted so that the French favor.

* Falaise_Pocket-1944

Panzerfaust 60 was changed to a German army anti-tank military equipment.

* Fall_Weiss-1939

Now loading screen appears.

* Guadalcanal

APC will be changed to point Risupon soldiers Risupon type is always possible.

Equipped with tanks and field guns were the destroyers of the Japanese army Ta-Fa.

* Hungary_Forest-1945

Flag value has been adjusted.

Hungarian troops can get the kit and asked bombing run into difficulty.

* Ilomantsi-1944

Southernmost flag is now held by the Soviet army from the beginning.

The entrance to the base to attack both sides are now impossible.

* Invasion_Of_The_Philippines

Some specifications of the aircraft has changed, now discontinued and is less likely to occur.

* Iron_Monster

Weapon balance is adjusted, was pushed to the simplified technical terms.

* Meuse_River_Line-1944

The kit has been enhanced to request reinforcements bombing, tanks now get only the flag of the dock.

* Iwo_Jima

Changed some specifications of the aircraft.

* Midway

* Midway

* Operation_A

Ship speed is changed now directly damage the hull and torpedo.

* Operation_Blackknight-1945

The adjusted value of the flag, APC Risupon British soldiers were given.

Changed the placement of some pick-up kit.

* Operation_Goodwood-1944

Time is adjusted Risupon weapons, 88mm cannon and added some bushes.

Raifurugurenedo has been added to the British infantry and smokescreen, you can get at advance screening.

* Operation_Kikusui_day2

Some specifications of the aircraft is changed, the accuracy is slightly decreased and shipborne antiaircraft gun.

* Operation_Lilliput

The adjusted value of the flag, pushing the gauge bug fixes.

* Operation_Nordwind-1944

Time is adjusted Risupon weapons, the type of trial has been added T23E3 Pershing.

BAR gunner's side can supply ammunition to anti-tank weapons.

* Pegasus

German soldiers from a grenade no longer family.

* Prokhorovka-1943

Aircraft design has been changed, some weapons have been replaced again.

* Reichsbahn-1945

Been adjusted slightly so that the U.S. military advantage.

* Sector318-1944

Is changed to a more convenient arrangement request kit bombing aircraft have been removed instead of the German air Risupon reinforcements.

* Seelow-Heights-1945

Aircraft design has been changed, some weapons have been replaced again.

* Stashuv_Area

Flag value is fixed, topography and some weapons have been changed.

Some of the weapons team has been locked.

* Tarawa-1943

Fixed value of the flag.

It will be used as a landing point Risupon Grasshopper monitoring equipment became impossible.

* The_Attack_on_Carentan-1944

Each flag is the initial camp has changed considerably FHSW0.3, APC Risupon U.S. soldiers were given.

* The_great_pursuit

A new flag has been added between the second base and third base, the value of the flag has changed.

Hungarian troops can get the kit and asked bombing run into difficulty.

* Wake_Night

Fixed a multiplayer bug that can not.

State of the war and come down on one, might still be a vision appeared in the Japanese army reinforcements.

Weapons-related general

* Set type / machine gun vehicle will slow down turn, makes it easy to take aim at the target further.

- Aircraft

* Half of the guns now in the wings of the aircraft industry improvement rate of nose spray gun bullets nose gun collector.

However, some large-caliber gun to take into account the size of the reaction, the rate is still collecting old ammunition.

* Wide angle of fire of machine guns will turn some of the larger aircraft's elevation turret turning.

* The machine is now unaffected by her mother's mobile ballistic trajectory of the gun turret turning turning aircraft modification.

To get away with just taking ground anti-aircraft guns and similar anomalies can be expected to improve hit rates.

* If the pilots and other soldiers on board the aircraft or hand gun recoil seat multi-functional machine repairs, now that the body repairs.

The soldiers on board to make constant minute depending on the body, and joint warfare capabilities significantly increase survivability of the aircraft.

Hand gun was just repaired on board the aircraft, special operations are required.

And repairs will not start to take no more than 5 seconds gunners, while not the only one aboard the aircraft can not repairs.

- U.S. Army

* Improved mobility Greyhound armored vehicles.

* LCTMk5

Fewer stranded on land when that land too.

In addition, W Holding down the key and the secondary attack button, can now rip after landing.

- British

* L depression was not fixed in the rear turret pretensions of some maps class destroyer

- Soviet

* BM-Fixed a problem that can supply 31 self-propelled rockets and ammunition.

The site now shows the exact impact tracer.

- German

+ Ar234B-2 / N

Ar234 is based night fighter bomber.

Movement has improved considerably from a conventional aircraft not having a heavy bomb.

Simple night fighter and bomber modification purposes only, not only in armed attack on one MG151/20 20mm twin pack of gun cannon.

But as the Me262 jet Takashi Takashi superior performance compared with the time, is easy and even recover from stall, making it easy to craft.

As for other equipment, such as remote-controlled rear 20mm gun and bomber type, equipped with relatively sophisticated scouting radar.

+ Ju88G-7

It is based Ju88 night fighter bombers.

Kano also mounted a strong Ta152 fighters Jumo213E boasts a high altitude performance unmatched by the power of two engines,

Because the original design is an old aircraft, engine capacity not keeping up with the capabilities of the aircraft may fly out of control risk too much speeding.

An elongated arm 04 MG151/20 20mm cannon at the bottom of the aircraft, two naval vessels as a gun diagonally to the upper body, has a powerful radar and spotter.

Size is comparatively lightly armed aircraft, less vibration, so you can fire precision.

The gunner has two MG131 13mm machine guns and naval vessels, which also includes a tail warning radar, there are relatively strong self-defense capability.

Panzer +4 J-type

Panzer types of real final four groups to counter the Soviet tank PzGr40 armor-piercing ammunition has been given.

Equipped with a tracked armored tanks increase the defeated enemy, with weapons for close-in protection also has slightly better defense.

Type + Fw190 Fw190 fighter-bomber kit request that request.

Type and 500kg bombs, SG113 are equipped with anti-tank types available.

* Anti-aircraft gun turret of the 37mm anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft turret design changes are now embedded in 20mm.

Also, now working as a gun for putting together the two North and South, can be in two full capability.

F9 has been added zoom function key.

* Improved climbing ability and off-road Shubimuwagen.

* WGr21 longer effective range and a wider range rockets proximity fuse.

* Fausutopatorone II

Fixed a problem when launching suicide bombings in some maps.

- Japanese Army

* Now with a machine gun sight glasses with a set of armored military vehicles Hoki.

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