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MakeRFA Problem

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I would change loadscreen and i'm doing pack my map in C:/bf1942 but i' repack my map with WinRFA and i open folder...

Init.con but no my /my_map.tga just : Load/Estern.tga...

How to make ???

I must Copy and past my map in another folder ??


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I use make RFA but it's doesn't work... I would change loadpicture and i pack my map but didn't new load picture...

How to make ??


I use Win RFA and i pack my map but doesn't work too... Who i do packing my map ??? In ... Folder ??

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Example; mod EoD; Map A_shau :

My folder is named "a_shau" on the desktop- i have opened and extracted the whole "A_shau".rfa into my desktop folder "a_shau". Then i´ve edited the BF1942/levels/A_shau/menu/loader.tga. After that "pack" it, directory --> source directory --> my map folder "a_shau" 2 cliks "BF 1942" --> click OK, pack all to mods, EoD, archives, bf 1942, levels, A_shau.



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