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Forgotten Hope 0.5c !

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der 0.5b auf 0.5c Patch ist da.

Mit folgenden Änderungen:


added new map Hailar

added new map Adak Island

added some tweaked textures

added several menu icons

added several new staticobjects (tents, barracks.....)

added Panzerfaust30

added map support for more bf standart maps

added map support for free custom maps(GIZA)

fixed Z destroyers Muzzleflash position

fixed Ju87G cannon values from 75mmL24 to 37mm

fixed G43Sniper

fixed GarandSniper

fixed Howitzer gunner not to be shotable

fixed TripodMGs gunner vulnerability

fixed Tripod deploy kits ability to reload

fixed MG34_Air netcode bug

fixed Me262-C rocket reload bug

fixed WillyMG MG problem

fixed Typhoon weapon ID

fixed Jap fortification kit icons

fixed Defiant mousecam angle

fixed armor values for Panzer 4H

fixed armor values for turret T34-85

fixed / balanced various other stuff...

?Fixed Me262 crash bug

?Fixed APCM crash bug

removed LA7 secondary weapon icon

removed 20mm tracer sound from PE and Tirpitz

removed Dirt effect when hitting the ground

removed stat guns turnability

moved DefGun cam

moved Typhoon cam

increased semiauto rifles recoil

increased plane crash damage

Increased APCs HP by 20%

increased B25 bomb supply to 10

increased pistol and SMG damage on distance

increased AAguns rotation speed

changed portable MGs accuracity

changed PIAT accuracity

changed kits menuicons

reduced stationary MGs accuracity

reduced PIAT size by 15%

rebalanced some more maps

tweaked 105mm howitzer

mfG MmD

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