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Presentation League Real Battlefield (14vs14) PC

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Presentation League Real Battlefield

We are inviting teams to participate in League Real Battlefield. Tournaments are held periodically but League. this is new appearance which designed to consolidate all teams in the world. Matches are waiting for you in format 14 vs 14 players on the big conquest with server configuration which will be average between normal mode and hardcore mode. We want to invite all teams to play together regardless of their preferences. We are expecting a lot of teams to be interested in this league.

The Real Battlefield league contains First division where playing strong teams and Second division where playing other teams. Parallel will be drawn the League Cup in PLAYOFF system.

Rules League Real Battlefield

Official forum of Real Battlefield league

Prizes and Sponsors in league Real Battlefield

Visualization of results you will see on the tournament website - http://www.newbiecup.ru/

Registration opened from 11.09.2012 to 26.09.2012.

First matches in League Real Battlefield will held on 29.09.2012

27.09.2012 will be live-broadcast of the League and Real Battlefield Cup draw where will be defined map for each tour/round and rivals like in League matches and in Cup matches.

Let the battle begin!

ps. Any question contact to me. Battlelog nick: MrPenguin21

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