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gamespy shut down what to do after may31

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see this link to the new master server




we wil not go quietly into the night we will not vanish without a fight

we're going to survive! today we celebrate our independence day! from ea!

we are one community all bf1942 fans! we have to set aside  our differences  and work as one to save bf1942!



player and host alike

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Guest buschhans

Thank you for this information!

What is going on by BF 1942 Origin?

In that way the server stay online?

Because BF 1942 is free via Origin available.

Or what do you think?

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Guest buschhans

In the shop the old parts are no longer available.


Also die streichen zu dem Datum einfach das kostenlose BF 1942 Spiel. Schade.

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