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New 2.8.603 of FH 2 available

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gerade entdeckt....


New 2.8.603 of FH 2 available -> 412,0 MB

New to 2.46 was the Launcher, and with it came the ability to keep your version of FH2 up to date easily. Well, tomorrow it is time to put this to the test, because Forgotten Hope 2 version 2.47 will be released:
Friday 30th May 2014 @ 18:00 UTC

As many of you will have heard, Gamespy is shutting down their game servers this June. Since this spells the end of online Battlefield 2, we have teamed up with the team at Project Reality to develop a new masterserver that will allow you to keep on playing after the big switch off.

The best news is that you don't even have to do anything at all! Just start FH2 2.47 through the launcher as usual, and all your accounts will be migrated accross automatically!

In other news, while there are no new maps or weapons in this update, there are a number of changes that have been made:

    Omaha: tickets and spawn conditions of 2nd flag group equipment changed
    Gold Beach: new vehicles added and german artillery setup changed, german assault kit with MP34
    Minor changes to Sidi Rezegh (added back main base artillery) and Falaise Pocket (removed lewis gun)
    Added Omaha 16 player layer
    Singleplayer added to Omaha, with changes for Gold Beach and Villers Bocage
    Fixed aiming with the Gewehr 41
    Fixed the physics of the Puma and Ju52
    Improved ragdoll settings

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