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Double XP Flashpoint Event From July 15-19


15. Juli - saikocat
Keeping up our regular rotation of in-game events, we're happy to announce that our Flashpoint game mode will be playable again from July 15th (today!) through July 19th (Sunday).

During those days, Flashpoint will be available through the PLAY menu as a public game mode. And to reward you for trying out this game mode, we're giving out double XP for the duration of the event, allowing you to level up even faster.

Our Flashpoint game mode tasks the human team with capturing objectives and vampires with preventing those captures. The Human team work against a time limit that increases when points are captured. The total number of points you can capture during a round is six, and the Vampire team must work together to stop the Humans from capturing them. Unlike Team Deathmatch, kills do not influence the scoring in any way, so your focus is on the objective.

Join us from July 15th through 19th during this time window, to try it out:

  • 7pm - 4am BST / 11am - 8pm PDT

    For local times, check this page [www.worldtimebuddy.com].

As always, we'd really love to hear what you think of the mode once you try it out, so join us on our forums or social channels and share your thoughts!


Nosgoth League Rankings Alpha 2 from July 20-23

15. Juli - saikocat
Ahead of the recently announced League Rankings Beta, we will be running a short Alpha test of the feature, following some recent fixes and changes to the system.


From July 20th through 23rd the League Rankings Alpha matches will be available again, with all rankings reset to run this new test. This test will run during this time window each day:

  • 6pm – 4am BST / 10am – 8pm PDT

    (local timings [www.worldtimebuddy.com])

As with the previous session, you will have a chance to earn Occult item drops at the end of League matches, and will receive the exclusive Player Banner for completing 5 matches.


During this test, we’ll have a few adjustments going in, but the main changes will be to the league placements themselves. During this time we will be closely monitoring the feature and all your feedback, so make sure you tell us how you’re getting on! Keep an eye on the blog, as we'll share further detail ahead of time on what other changes are included.

Join us on July 20th, 21st and 23rd for the second League Rankings Alpha test. Vae victis!


Patch Notes - July 16th, 2015
16. Juli - saikocat
End Of Match
  • The End Of Match scoring has been updated, so that a game will now end once you reach the guaranteed win point. This is a new change, based on suggestions we've been receiving from players, but we'd love to get feedback on this from you. Please post in this thread[forums.eu.square-enix.com] to share your thoughts/experience once you've tried this out.
  • Updated end of match rewards screen
  • The "Reconnect" option is now available, allowing you to connect to a match you were disconnected from
  • Improved startup times for the game client
  • The Loading Screen images have been updated
  • New videos​ are shown in the store showcasing more abilities

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