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Alpha Project - News Thread

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Es gibt ein Status Update und ein Gameplay Video zu der Version 0.3.




Hello community!


Its been some time since the last Alpha Project news post and i decided to give you a little bit of a overview of what you will see in the comming 0.3 version of our mod.


For 0.3 you can imagine to get alot of new content, including the new chinese PLA faction with its wide variaty of new weapons aswell maps set in the far and middle eastern theatre.


Different time of day and weather will be another focus which we are looking for our maps to become more interesting, however this feature will be layer-specific, this means it depends on what map size you are playing (16,32,64)

Operation Reciprocity W.I.P. Editor Screenshots:



Beside this we will have a ton of new weapons and customization possibilities, you will be able to set different ammuinion typs for shotguns and grenadelaunchers for example, to suit your liking and situation.


Of corse there will be also a bunch of new animations for almost any weapons, right now i would even say we replaced all vanilla bf2 weapon animation sets with custom ones already, this was not always easy since we needed alot of contributors and permissions from various people of the bf modding scene in order to archieve this, as our team is not realy big at the moment.


M16A4 M203 Animations by Develop013:



This week i prepared a video for you showing some gameplay of the current ap 0.3 build on a old known map thought showing some new animations, sounds and textures you might have not seen yet, the video will be linked at the end of this newspost.


With that said i want to thank everyone involved in helping getting the next version of the mod done, especialy i want to thank our newest members TheObscure and Ironclad2014 for joining us and helping me where i need it! Thanks alot guys!


In the end i uploaded some brand new screenshots for you aswell the already aboth mentioned gameplay video, i hope you stay loayl to us and stay tuned for our next release! :)


Thank you!


Alpha Project Lead Developer



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Jones stellt bei moddb zwei neue Maps vor und kündigt den Release der nächsten Version für diesen Winter an. Außerdem funktionieren jetzt die Scheinwerfer an den Fahrzeugen.





Hello Battlefield Community!
As you might know we are getting closer to a release every day, so i hope we can still count on your patient and we hope we wont disapoint you in the end.
Our team and everyone involved took alot time and work into the stuff we put into the 0.3 version and we hope to satisfy everyone with this of corse :)




Our first map on the focus is "Operation Reciprocity", this map is based by a well known novel/movie by Tom Clancey with the name Clear And Present Danger.
So much for the design the map is inspired by a miliatry operation from this movie, however unlike in the original movie, this map isnt located in colombia but in china, same scenario thought.
The usmc team have to take controll of several areas spread over a jungle landscape, while the chinese team have to hold all those areas.
Special Features of this map are different time of day setups for each map layer (64,32,16)


Screenshots Day & Night Setup:





This map is somewhat inspired by the bf3 map "Operation Firestorm" thought, thats the only thing about it, most of the map is completley different in terms of layout and terrain, basicly the only similarity with the aboth mentioned map is the oil refinery located in the center of the map.
Basicly this map is newland, located in the desert gobi, where the weather can be pretty rough at times, beside gravel and sand you will find snow coverd places all around the map, especaly on the mountain peaks.
All in all i would say this map got something for everyone, vehicular gameplay, large viewdistances for sniping aswell close combat areas like the oil refinery. You will also find some new statics in this map like construction bridges and other interesting new ideas making this map one of the more interesting ones in the next release for sure!
Screenshots & Minimap:





Vehicle Headlights




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Neue Light Settings für Strike at Karkand



New light setup for Strike at Karkand, basicly for the 64p layer, on the 32p layer the light will be a darker theme before the sandstorm hits the city in the 16p layer, specific weather and time of day setups divided to the 3 layers will be one of the new features in the upcomming 0.3 release...





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AN-94 Preview






base model by BFP4F team
port by bobthedinosaur
mesh edit by Ironclad2014
functional shock absorbing
barrel by Ironclad2014
bumpmaps, code by phale
animations by EnemySniper


The AN-94 Abakan will have 2-round burst at 1800RPM aswell autofire with 600RPM, firemode selection works as follows:
Default is 2-round burst and semi fire, if you want to switch to full auto you need to press the 7 inventory key.
Thanks to phale for this awsome technique, which works seamless with the firemode switch animation!







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