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GTA V Online - Nicknames

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C4M3L - c4m3l23
Corsair - bfgcorsi
K-Jii - Freaker_ger
Recki - Phrecki
Germanfragger - Germanfragger
-=Sarlon=- - Sarlon
Chuck Norris - Karl-Aschnikov
maettle - maettle
Optix - Optix
R.est I.n H.ell - RestInH3ll
Bösewicht - zaME19
Stövi - stoevi
Chapi - Chapi_
Volmat - Volmat3
renesweb74 - renesweb74
Kantholz - Kantholz
Bangingbernie - bANGingbERnie
Hero-of-War - Hero-0f-War
Chuck der Norris - Chucki92
Turnbeutel - LeTueb
Raffi_M - Raffi_M
Cyborg11 - CyborgXI
Cabrio - Cabrio0867
Sepsis - Sepsis-RD
Th3Z0n3 - Th3Z0n3
Rakam - Mr.Fossey
Rupert_The_Bear - RupertTB
arturo33 - arturo_33
panzerfahrer - ChocolateElvis
sigah - sigahrius
Black__Jack - king_blacky
Crogy2 - Crogy2
private jackson - j4ck5on
Buschi-kun0815 <---- Oneill's bruder
Oneill - oneill751
gekko434 - gekko__
DaWallace - _DaWallace_
Burner- cho0p_

evil666 - h4rdig4n

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