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FH: PFT Fiat 621 Presentation & More! (Gloria Victis)

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Guest buschhans


Gloria_logo.png At the begin of the year, we had present you the News about the "Gloria Victis" Project from the "PFT Clan" on the "Pixel Fighter Community." It is for the Forgotten Hope 0.7  Mod (Battlefield 1942), a closely mappack.

The Name "Gloria Victis" springs just because polish episod of World War II is still forgotten.

The "PFT Clan" want to recall the heroism demonstrated by soldiers of Poland during defence against nazi invaders.


Fully historical, brand new equipment, guns, uniforms, sounds, icons and many static objects waiting for you to play!

And all placed with the coordinates of original maps.



Actually they want to finish these maps:

- Westerplatte (waiting for server ver.)

- Grodno (waiting for server ver.)

- eastern region (WIP)

- Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (WIP)

...and several other maps mainly from September Campaign 1939 but not only...


Are you wanna go in contact with the "PFT Clan Team"?

Join on the Team Speak 3 Server at the evenings 8pm CET it best:

TS 3 Adress:




During last months we have been working over raising the range of customers of our mod. We made a polish-language site with weekly informations.Link

Finally we are able to reconstruct the polish automotive branch and the one of its elements is Polski/Polish Fiat 621 L – a truck manufactured in Poland in 1935-1939 under the license from FIAT.







The model just doesn't beyond of the standards of FH 0.7. It is mapped with heavenly precision thanks to/by measurements of a width, a length and a height at the most characteristic places. During the projecting, we used not only the documentation, but also historic photos from different perspectives like this:






The painting of our truck was a separate part. The basis, the camouflage, the texture and additives that is the original phototexture of headlights and the logo of polish Fiat.

At the end – traces of mud splash. In such a way we obtain a necessary element of our future map. The photos of the vehicle were made on a stock map (Eastern Blitz) to not to reveal a new map.












We made two types as you can see: with canvas and without.


We are working over placing the cannons in batteries, adjust the names of vehicles and improve the equipment on Westerplatte according to the bearing of historical reenactors. Soon we prepare the presentation of even more interesting vehicle from Polish Nation ;)







Follow us for more news!  News Author: TomPL

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