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zomica best player or best cheater?!

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I was playing few days ago Battlefield 3 on a server and there was this random guy ''zomica'' who was on a streak 46-2. :o
First i thought he was a cheater but than i found a video on youtube where he was playing : 

It don't looks like he where cheating, it looks to me like he is the best player or something, his movement is so fast and his accuracy is also amazing! 
He was playing against me With the G3A3 and he just dropped me so fast like no one else.. 
After that he was playing Battlefield 4 and in this game his stats are also really amazing and he was again always top killing even there.. he was at the end 74-9 or smthng.. 
I dont know i think if he is not cheating then he is one of the best out there.. I think i'm becoming his fan! xD 
There are his stats:
BF3: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/ZOMICA/stats/1056283765/pc/
BF4: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/ZOMICA/stats/1056283765/pc/

What do you think about him guys?? 

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dafür bist du in cs scheiße und jetzt hör auf hier deinen content so billig zu pushen du möngi

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Nicht deine persönliche yt-community. Hinfort Scharlatan!

Edited by Nostra Deamon
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pack du mal lieber was in deine signatur. dieses passiv aggressive rumgememme steht da schon seit ewigkeiten. WANN KOMMT DA  WIEDER WAS ?:cry3:




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