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Ghostbusters the Video Game

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ich habe mir auf Steam das Spiel Ghostbusters the Video Game gekauft.

Es kam immer folgende Fehlermeldung



es lief ewig nicht dann habe ich für Roben Hood ein Beitrag gefunden :

How to run the game on Windows 10
Hello, i noticed many have problems in starting the game on Windows 10, including me. But i found an easy fix.

1.) Go to your Robin Hood folder
2.) Right click on Game.exe
3:) Click on Properties
4.) Click on Compatibility
5.) Set compatibility mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and click on Apply

Getting playable FPS
The user ScottiePrimo from the GoG forums found a fix regarding the low FPS.

1) Download the following... 
1.1) Unrar the downloaded file (DSWin8.zip) and you should have two files in the extracted folder (ddraw.dll and aqrit.cfg). 
1.2) Place these two files into your "Steam\SteamApps\Common\Robin Hood" directory (in with the game.exe). 

2) Download V2_02_90_build.rar of DxWnd from... http://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/files/Latest%20build/ 
(I've been advised by other users that the newer versions don't work for the purpose of running this game.) 

3) Unrar and inside the extracted foler and run "dxwnd.exe" as administrator. Go to "Edit->Add", in parameter "Name" set the name as Robin Hood. 
4) In parameter "Path" choose the .exe file of the game (in my case it looks like Steam\SteamApps\common\Robin Hood\game.exe). 
5) In the "Main" tab, under "Generic" untick "Run in Window". 
5.1) Also in "Main" tab, under "Position" set "Window initial position & size" to X=0 and Y=0. Set "W" and "H" to your native resolution (in my case that's W=1920 and H=1080). 
6) In the "Video" tab, under "Windows handling" tick "Modal Style" and under "Color management" tick "Set 16BPP RGB565 encoding". 
7) Next in "Input" tab tick "Hide Cursor". If the cursor flickers on the main screen of the game don't worry, it works fine in-game. 
8) Lastly click "OK" in dxwnd, if all is good it will show a green circle before the name of the game in DxWnd. Launch the game in Steam (Not in DxWnd itself, DxWnd runs in the backround!). You may get an error/alert that says something like "SetHook: proc=GetAvailableVidMem(D) oldhook=26b3e0". If this happens just press the Return key on your keyboard. If you can't select the error/alert window use Alt+Tab keys to cycle through the open windows. This part is just a bit of a trial and error, I don't know why it happens but you can get past it. 
9) You will need to start DxWnd every time before you launch the game. When you close dxwnd, answer "Yes" to save the options that you changed. That's it... 

I hope these fixes work for you aswell and if they do then have fun playing! :)
Robin Hood lief bei mir aber nicht flüssig jetzt ja.
Also habe ich das gleiche mit Ghostbuster gemacht und ein Profil im Programm DxWnd erstellt.
Und den Kompatibilitätsmodus auf Win XP gesetzt.
Das Spiel lief! ich habe Slimer gejagt :)
Weil es schon spät war habe ich eine Viertelstunde gespielt.
Heute geht das nicht mehr und ich habe eine neue Fehlermeldung.
Weis jemand von euch was ich machen kann damit es wieder funktioniert?
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