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Avoid buying AMD 5000 series gpu has issues with bf1942

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For  people buying a new computer   last november 2019 came the first report that the new amd rx 5700 is having issues with battlefield 1942 having no crosshair  visible.  Please see  link.

About a few weeks later I noticed  somebody  having similar issues on  reddit  please see link.


 then this year on discord  I noticed  another person having the same issues,  then I got told  that another person is having the same issues on Battlefield Vietnam  which is not surprising because the Battlefield Vietnam uses exactly the same engine as  battlefield  1942.
see  screenshot.

 and this


 I have very little hope  AMD is going to fix this driver issue on such a old game,   therefore  I have no other option   then to do damage control   and warn  every  Battlefield 1942 community about this issue.

 I attempted to get a popular topic on the amd subreddit   I've been  unsuccessful  so far
in order to get popular  I needed  upvotes see this.

 However  if AMD decides to fix the issue  I will remove reports from every  community forum  I posted this on.
 only the future will tell what will happen.

edit  I am myself on rx580  I can run any driver from the latest or early versions and I have no problems with battlefield 1942.  
The rx 5700 is having issues from the  beginning  there for no other option but to force amd to fix it.

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Isn't there any possibility to fix that by using the compatibility mode? That would be one last possibility that comes into my mind.


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Chuck Norris, um 26.3.2020 at 17:33:

How about trying an older driver? Maybe that could work!?

the issues with the drivers as far as I understand is from the start on the rx 5700 therefore you should just avoid this card altogether for now. because I do not have a solution for the problem, I have been trying to work out some Solutions but so far they haven't been very successful.

Please spread this news across the internet I'm trying to do damage control here,

it's the best I can do to keep people playing Battlefield 1942.

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Maybe there is, by chance, a solution using a VM? I mean, that game's pretty old and getting it to work is some kind of a miracle on new machines. So I guess you'll have to accept it or get a different GPU. If I remember correctly, there hasn't been any difficulties using my RTX 2060. So it could be an issue with newer AMD GPUs?

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Using a vm would only be a solution for the original Battlefield 1942. Virtual machines are very limited in how much graphical power they can put to use most of them have a virtual gpu and have no access to the actual GPU.  Battlefield 1942 unlike modern battlefields has modification support therefore it is so much better then anything new coming out.

We the battlefield 1942 community managed to Push this game so far that it looks like a modern game. The best example I can give you is fhsw it has custom reload animations beautifully textured maps over a 1000 different vehicles and ships.

You just can't run this stuff on a virtual machine because it cannot handle it without significant lag being introduced.

Getting Battlefield 1942 to work on a modern machine has never been an issue until now.

so the drivers have to be fixed it's the only solution.


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