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Linux server status report: 31.3.2003

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Es gibt wieder einen neues Statusreport von Andreas Fredriksson (DICE) in der Admin Mailinglist:

Hello people, here's the status update for last week.

- Win32 and Linux code has been merged into a common codebase. This

  has the side effect that we cannot instantly release a new 1.31 patch

  since the head revision of our code contains changes not yet released

  for win32.

  We are considering a backport of all our fixes to 1.31 but I can't

  comment on the status of that right now until management has had a

  time to look at it. I'll keep you posted.

- The Linux server is compiled with gcc3 now, and this has uncovered

  some pretty nasty bugs that were masked out by gcc2/msvc. I'm still

  sorting out library issues and how we are going to distribute the

  package. Would a completely static version be acceptable for people

  with older distributions?

- The server now uses the same threaded UDP I/O subsystem as the win32

  server but does so without increasing the thread priority of the listener

  thread. We haven't had any problems with this yet but it might not work

  out for some slower or very busy machines. We believe this is a good


  in the long run though.

- We have not been able to reproduce the Bungee effect; it might be related

  to the single threaded I/O used in the earlier betas.

I'll keep you posted with information on upcoming releases and status




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