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EoD Interview zur v0.3

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Eve of Destruction

2/11/04 - Q&A with Eve of Destruction's project leader, Scipio.

Gen. Disarray: Please let the readers know a little about yourself.

Scipio: I am 28 years old and I live in Switzerland. I work in the financial sector so my job has nothing to do with computer games.

Gen. Disarray: How many armies can we expect to see in v0.3?

Scipio: There will be 5 different teams: The US Army, the ARVN (Army of the Republic South Vietnam), the US Special Forces, the Vietcong and the NVA (North Vietnamese Army). The ARVN, US SF and Vietcong will be mostly on infantry based maps whereas the US Army and the NVA will be on more vehicle oriented maps.

Gen. Disarray: Will we see any new vehicles and weapons?

Scipio: There will be a lot of new weapons and vehicles. We have also remade some old weapons like the M-14 for example. Later this week a good preview of EoD Alpha v0.3 will be available.

Gen. Disarray: How many maps do you plan to include in this release? How many new and original maps will we see?

Scipio: There will be 5 or 6 completely new maps. We have also improved our old maps.

Gen. Disarray: Will bot support be built into the mod this time? If so, how many maps will be supported?

Scipio: Some maps will have bot support. I can't tell you the exact number at the moment tough.

Gen. Disarray: What will be the biggest change in .30 as compared to the current release?

Scipio: There are a lot of new features and improvements in EoD Alpha v0.3 so I can't really point something specific out.

Gen. Disarray: Have you fixed the ability to show friendly mines in v0.3?

Yes? friendly mines will be shown.

Gen. Disarray: Are Vietnamese radio messages included in this release? If not, are there plans for a future addition of this feature?

Scipio: Yes? there will be Vietnamese radio messages. They sound as good as the standard BF1942 ones and add a lot to the atmosphere.

Gen. Disarray: Does the EoD fanbase have any influence on the team as far as what does or does not get implemented into the mod?

Scipio: We listen carefully to the feedback and the suggestions of the players. However there are some suggestions that are impossible to realize on the BF engine with the available tools. Also do players have very different opinions and views so it's impossible to satisfy the wishes of all players.

Gen. Disarray: What does the future hold for EoD, especially considering the impending release of Battlefield: Vietnam?

Scipio: At the moment we have planned to continue with the development of EoD for BF1942 even after the release of BFV.

Gen. Disarray: Would you like to add anything?

Scipio: I want to thank all EoD players for their interest in our mod and for their patience. Also I want to thank Coincoin, the creator of editor42 (http://bfed.3dmax.org), for his awesome map editor. Without it our maps wouldn't be as good as they are now.

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